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So…is Bill FOR the war, or AGAINST the war?

He can’t even remember because he’s flip-flopped so much. But currently (at least at last check) he claims that he was against the Iraq war from the beginning. Cassy Fiono at Wizbang found some good stuff on the net that really points to Clinton’s waffling on Iraq.

Here’s a sample:

May 19, 2003 — ‘I supported the president when he asked for authority to stand up against weapons of mass destruction in Iraq

April 14, 2003 — former President Bill Clinton on Sunday praised President Bush’s handling of the war in Iraq

June 24, 2004 — Former President Clinton has revealed that he continues to support President Bush’s decision to go to war in Iraq but chastised the administration over the abuses at Abu Ghraib prison.

Dizzy yet? Not a surprise, coming from one who governed with his finger in the wind to see which way things were blowing.

[HotAir story referenced by Wizbang]

Now let’s just see how the enemedia treats this….

I’ll admit that I am pleasantly surprised from looking at a Google News Search

Turkish Press

Bill Clinton on hotseat after Iraq war remarks
AFP – 17 hours ago
Clinton said in the key state of Iowa Tuesday he had been against the Iraq war “from the beginning” in comments which appeared more robust than his public
Bill Clinton’s Claim of Opposing Iraq War From Outset Disputed Washington Post
Bill Clinton embarrasses wife over Iraq war Times Online
Bill Clinton stumbles on stump for wife USA Today
New York TimesNewsroom America
all 43 news articles »

Iraq Inconsistencies: Are the Clintons Flip-Flopping on the War?
FOX News – 1 hour ago
A bank shot against Bill Clinton by Barack Obama is hard to pull off, he’s running against Hillary. But in the general, yes, Republicans are going to use

Brad Blog

‘Special Report’ Panel on Campaigns and Elections, Giuliani
FOX News – 43 minutes ago
And it reminds people of Bill Clinton’s sort of slipperiness here, and it reminds them that Hillary Clinton voted for the Iraq War Resolution, which Bill
‘Dark horse’ Huckabee a viable choice Red and Black
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Oh-eight (D): Bill and Iraq
MSNBC – Nov 28, 2007
The New York Times also fact-checks Bill’s assertion that he was against the Iraq war from the beginning. “Advisers to Mr. Clinton said yesterday that he
Oh-eight (D): Hillary slipping in SC, NH? MSNBC
‘Fluidity’ of Democratic Campaign Means All Bets Are Off FOX News
Questions at crunch time Boston Globe
Hillary ProjectWall Street Journal
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Morning Joe failed to note Bill Clinton’s statement against March
Media Matters for America, DC – 18 hours ago
He’s out there, and what’s Bill Clinton saying? GEIST: He’s saying he’s been against the war from the very beginning. GEIST: Yeah.
Which Way War? New Republic (subscription)
all 3 news articles »

Bill Clinton Claims Steady Iraq War Opposition; Democrats Nod, Yawn
National Review Online, NY – Nov 28, 2007
Bill Clinton’s willingness to flat-out lie and claim that he opposed the Iraq war from the start should concern rank-and-file Democrats. But it doesn’t.

I can’t help but think that none of this would be possible, were it not for the fact that the cacophony of voices from the “pajamahedeen” is around to keep them honest…er…more honest.

~Personal~ What news reader do you use?

Ugh!  My news reader just dumped all my feeds ~ thank goodness I have a blogroll here so I can recreate it, but yuck!  I use Mozilla’s NewsFox for my feeds.  Just wondering if any of you out there have one that you really really love, and if you’ll tell me what you like about it.  I’d prefer to use one that’s compatible with Firefox, and I really like NewsFox’s integration into the browser.  Just curious what everyone else does since I’m fairly new to this!

Al Queda in Iraq: Dec. 06 and Now

You have to see this picture — it’s a .pdf of a map.

Bagdad Plan Slide

If there’s a victory tree that falls in a forest full of democrats, does it make a sound?

From Donald Lambro at Townhall comes a great article.

The pessimists and defeatists who declared the surge doomed and prophesied that we were digging ourselves into a deeper hole have been proven wrong. The story of Iraq at this point is that terrorists have been killed, captured or driven out of territory retaken and cleansed by American and Iraqi forces — a coalition that has stabilized much of the country.

But statistics are one thing, and the response of the Iraqi people is quite another. The most dramatic sign of improvement in Iraq can be seen in the number of Iraqi refugees who fled the violence at the height of the war and are now returning home in increasing numbers.

The drumbeat gets louder. Just for grins, I’m going to use this thread to list all the sour pusses that I can find who said this would fail, with quotes and links.

Great resource!

The surge is “history in the making”

From the Washington Times….

South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, just back from a Thanksgiving day trip to Iraq, said the recent surge of U.S. troops is so successful, it’s history in the making.

“I think history will judge the surge as probably the most successful counterinsurgency military operation in history,” Mr. Graham said yesterday on “Fox News Sunday.”

How come this isn’t in the Enemedia?

Whoa. Just…WOW!

From Amy Proctor:

100,000’s of Iraqis Enthusiastically Return Home

Iraqis who fled their country because of the war are returning by the hundreds of thousands to Iraq from Syria, Egypt and Jordan because of the improved security. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is providing the free bus and flight travel…..

Lots more at the link — go read it! It’s AMAZING what’s going on over there! This should be all over the enemedia. Gotta get the real news from the bloggers yet again.

The death of newspapers?

Over at Investors Business Daily, there’s an interesting editorial by Representative Lamar Smith. We all know the media leans left – that’s no surprise. But I was surprised to read that more people than I would have suspected have noticed…

Polling indicates that Americans are aware of the lack of media objectivity. A Gallup poll released on Oct. 8 found that only 9% of Americans say they have a great deal of trust and confidence in the mass media to report the news “fully, accurately, and fairly.” Over half of Americans (52%) say they have “not very much” confidence or “none at all” in the mass media.

The Gallup poll also found that more than twice as many Americans say the news media are too liberal (45%) rather than too conservative (18%). The tendency on the part of Americans to perceive the news media as too liberal has been a trend observed in each Gallup poll in which the question has been asked since 2001.

And Mr. Smith offers a solution….

The most effective action, though, comes from consumers of the news. If you share my concerns and want to voice your complaint about an example of unfair reporting, call or write the news outlet to express your point of view.

A nice thought, Mr. Smith. Trouble is, according to John Bruhns, a certified moonbat, the enemedia is more than just left leaning. The enemedia is part of the problem…they are a mouthpiece for the liberals. (Like we didn’t know that already!) And the enemedia is paying for it too. Americans are no longer interested in being handed the line of bologna that the enemedia dishes out.

From the St. Louis Post Dispatch website, in a story from 9/28/2007 about 60 employees retiring and the positions not being re-filled:

In recent years, the newspaper industry has suffered declining circulation and sliding advertising revenue. Papers jostle for the attention of time-crunched consumers and compete with blogs, websites and other media and entertainment outlets. Newspaper companies have struggled to wring enough revenue from online advertising to compensate for shrinking advertising in the paper-and-ink editions.

Layoffs, buyouts and hiring freezes have become increasingly common nationwide.

Newspapers, as an institution in this country, are for the most part dead. They just don’t know it yet. You have to see a problem before you can fix it.

From Michelle Malkin…

There really are no words – her article Stop Before You Gripe will really make you think about how blessed you are. Here’s a sample:

Before you blow your top about the holiday hassle at the airport, the long lines at the grocery store, all the hours you’ll spend cooking and cleaning, the uninvited guests who are crashing hubby’s football party, and the endless Christmas shopping list that awaits, just stop.

Stop and think of the Johnson family. Army Spec. John Austin Johnson of El Paso, Texas, is recovering from massive head wounds sustained in an attack involving an improvised explosive device. Spec. Johnson is a member of Fort Bliss’ 4-1 Cavalry. He had survived five previous bombing incidents. That is not all.

Earlier this month, Spec. Johnson and his wife, Mona Lisa, buried their 9-year-old son, Tyler Anthony Johnson. The little boy was on life support for several weeks after sustaining critical injuries in a horrible car accident. He was on his way with his family to see his dad in recuperation at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio. He never made it. The family car rolled over several times after it was hit by powerful blasts of wind. Tyler was laid to rest at Pinecrest Memorial Park in Benton, Ark. That is not all.

Take your kleenex and read the rest. And remember SPC Johnson and his wife Mona Lisa in your prayers. And remember to thank God every day for men and women like them.

When will America be good enough for the Bash America First crowd? Ever?

From Eugene Robinson of the WaPo and posted at Real Clear Politics comes another Bash America First OpEd….

The American self-image is suffused with the golden glow of opportunity. We think of the United States as a land of unlimited possibility, not so much a classless society but as a place where class is mutable — a place where brains, energy and ambition are what counts, not the circumstances of one’s birth. But three new studies suggest that Horatio Alger doesn’t live here anymore.

So I suppose you’d like it handed to you on a silver platter, Mr. Robinson?

Krauthammer and the State of Denial in Iraq

At Real Clear Politics, Charles Krauthammer has this to say about the State of Denial in Iraq:

It does not have the drama of the Inchon landing or the sweep of the Union comeback in the summer of 1864. But the turnabout of American fortunes in Iraq over the past several months is of equal moment — a war seemingly lost, now winnable. The violence in Iraq has been dramatically reduced. Political allegiances have been radically reversed. The revival of ordinary life in many cities is palpable. Something important is happening.

And what is the reaction of the war critics? Nancy Pelosi stoutly maintains her state of denial, saying this about the war just two weeks ago: “This is not working. . . . We must reverse it.” A euphemism for “abandon the field,” which is what every Democratic presidential candidate is promising, with variations only in how precipitous to make the retreat.

How do they avoid acknowledging the realities on the ground? By asserting that we have not achieved political benchmarks — mostly legislative actions by the Baghdad government — that were set months ago. And that these benchmarks are paramount. And that all the current progress is ultimately vitiated by the absence of centrally legislated national reconciliation.

How can these Anti-American weasels continue to pretend to represent our country? SEND THEM HOME IN ’08!!

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