Over at The New York Post, in an article titled


Ralph Peters says:

Far fewer Iraqi civilians are dying at the hands of extremists. U.S. and Coalition casualty rates have fallen dramatically. The situation has changed so unmistakably and so swiftly that we should be reading proud headlines daily.

Where are they? Is it really so painful for all those war-porno journos to accept that our military – and the Iraqis – may have turned the situation around? Shouldn’t we read and see and hear a bit of praise for today’s soldiers and the progress they’re making?

The media’s new trick is to concentrate coverage on our wounded, mouthing platitudes while using military amputees as props to suggest that, no matter what happens in Iraq, everything’s still a disaster.

It’s a good question. The enemedia, by not covering the GOOD NEWS, is pretending it doesn’t exist. A friend at Free Republic, SandRat posts anywhere from 10-30 stories a day that he finds released from the military that the Enemedia chooses not to cover. The question is why?? What, exactly, are they afraid of?