Remember I told you about my friend, SandRat, who posts 10 – 30 Good news stories per day about our military? I was not making that up.  Today (so far) he has posted six good news stories.

Seven extremists captured in night raid (Jisr Diyala)

Concerned Local Citizen Groups Aid Progress in Iraq

Progress in Northern, Western Baghdad ‘Remarkable,’ Commander Says

Spartans Look to Lend Hand to National Museum of Iraq (2nd Bde “Spartans,” 1st Cav)

Coalition Troops Kill Terrorist, Detain 14 in Iraq

Coalition, Afghan Forces Kill Enemy Fighters

And flagged another one for those of us who are interested…

Iraqi Special Operations Forces detain extremist leaders in Baghdad

Some days he has more time to post and flag more stories.  This is a run-of-the-mill Tuesday.  Wonder how many of those stories made the Enemedia’s “must run” list?