From the Daily News-Record out of Harrisonburg, VA….

Sometimes a writer can be so insightful about war, politics and psychology that his thoughts should be repeated and studied.

Blogger J.D. Johannes achieved that rare pinnacle when he penned a critique of all the latest anti-war movies, and why they will fail at the box office, but his analysis goes far beyond the entertainment community.

“When confronted with a real life situation, like the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and larger war on terror, a few will step up to be heroes.

“The many who do not have the ability to step up fall into two categories — those who acknowledge their inability to be heroes and those who do not.

“Being a hero is not a job for everyone, many accept this and give credit to those who are willing to take the challenge. But there is another group for whom the sting of their own cowardice is too much to bear. They are not willing to accept that they cannot be heroes.