Reading ArmyWifeToddlerMom this morning is what put me over the edge and into blog-dom.

Linda Ellerbee is the host, that should be enough said.

Pay particular attention to the second and fourth stories.

This Nickelodeon “news program”, is not a news program. It is a leftist primer on how to be a “left-wing radical REBEL”.

I am not a blind follower of our Government, and I also think that Government should be watched by it’s citizens. It is our civic duty.

However this program led by Ellerby, is anti-war, anti- GWOT, anti-military.

This “news program” is not about people changing the World around them.

Ms. Ellerby uses leftist propaganda buzz words like “taking on the establishment”.

Don’t take my word for it – go read AWTM’s post on her blog. I’ll be darned if I sit around and don’t speak up. Linda Ellerbee is a traitor.