Barry Casselman at
Real Clear Politics has an excellent piece explaining the import of the Spanish Head of State, King Juan Carlos’ words to Chavez. “Por que no te callas?” — translated — “Why don’t you shut up?” In the article he points out the media’s bias in these two paragraphs:

After the king’s retort to Mr. Chavez, some Spanish commentators suggested it was not dignified for the king to speak in this way, as if he was making it into a street fight. Numerous British left-wing media and other continental commentators actually took Chavez’s side. (This should be no surprise, considering the venomous hatred of the U.S. in European media circles,) There has been very limited coverage of this story in American mainstream media.

But almost everywhere else, the king’s rebuke has become a new rallying cry. In Venzuela, the oppositiion to Mr. Chavez has adopted “Por que no te callas?” as its slogan. A reggae ballad has already been composed, and along with videos of the incident, is available world wide on You Tube and its equivalents.

I had heard a little bit about the exchange, but not much. I guess it’s sort of like World Cup Soccer. People around the world live and die by those matches, and I’m pretty oblivious to them.