In a typical move made by the enemedia, David Ignatius of the Washington Post finds the cloud around the silver lining.

Thanksgiving day is a moment to celebrate the news from Iraq of declining violence and increased security. But it’s also a time for honesty and humility about what this good news portends.


Only someone with a heart of stone would not rejoice at this news. When you think of the suffering Iraqis have endured — through the decades of Saddam Hussein’s brutality, the years of punishing economic sanctions, the U.S. invasion and the terrible aftermath of insurgency and sectarian killing — even a little bit of progress is worth a cheer.

But what accounts for these welcome changes? That’s where we need to be careful.

It must suck to be a on their side. I wonder if they ever smile. As a fellow poster shrinkermd at Free Republic put it, they are snatching defeat from the jaws of victory once again.