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From Michelle Malkin…

There really are no words – her article Stop Before You Gripe will really make you think about how blessed you are. Here’s a sample:

Before you blow your top about the holiday hassle at the airport, the long lines at the grocery store, all the hours you’ll spend cooking and cleaning, the uninvited guests who are crashing hubby’s football party, and the endless Christmas shopping list that awaits, just stop.

Stop and think of the Johnson family. Army Spec. John Austin Johnson of El Paso, Texas, is recovering from massive head wounds sustained in an attack involving an improvised explosive device. Spec. Johnson is a member of Fort Bliss’ 4-1 Cavalry. He had survived five previous bombing incidents. That is not all.

Earlier this month, Spec. Johnson and his wife, Mona Lisa, buried their 9-year-old son, Tyler Anthony Johnson. The little boy was on life support for several weeks after sustaining critical injuries in a horrible car accident. He was on his way with his family to see his dad in recuperation at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio. He never made it. The family car rolled over several times after it was hit by powerful blasts of wind. Tyler was laid to rest at Pinecrest Memorial Park in Benton, Ark. That is not all.

Take your kleenex and read the rest. And remember SPC Johnson and his wife Mona Lisa in your prayers. And remember to thank God every day for men and women like them.

When will America be good enough for the Bash America First crowd? Ever?

From Eugene Robinson of the WaPo and posted at Real Clear Politics comes another Bash America First OpEd….

The American self-image is suffused with the golden glow of opportunity. We think of the United States as a land of unlimited possibility, not so much a classless society but as a place where class is mutable — a place where brains, energy and ambition are what counts, not the circumstances of one’s birth. But three new studies suggest that Horatio Alger doesn’t live here anymore.

So I suppose you’d like it handed to you on a silver platter, Mr. Robinson?

Krauthammer and the State of Denial in Iraq

At Real Clear Politics, Charles Krauthammer has this to say about the State of Denial in Iraq:

It does not have the drama of the Inchon landing or the sweep of the Union comeback in the summer of 1864. But the turnabout of American fortunes in Iraq over the past several months is of equal moment — a war seemingly lost, now winnable. The violence in Iraq has been dramatically reduced. Political allegiances have been radically reversed. The revival of ordinary life in many cities is palpable. Something important is happening.

And what is the reaction of the war critics? Nancy Pelosi stoutly maintains her state of denial, saying this about the war just two weeks ago: “This is not working. . . . We must reverse it.” A euphemism for “abandon the field,” which is what every Democratic presidential candidate is promising, with variations only in how precipitous to make the retreat.

How do they avoid acknowledging the realities on the ground? By asserting that we have not achieved political benchmarks — mostly legislative actions by the Baghdad government — that were set months ago. And that these benchmarks are paramount. And that all the current progress is ultimately vitiated by the absence of centrally legislated national reconciliation.

How can these Anti-American weasels continue to pretend to represent our country? SEND THEM HOME IN ’08!!

Remember our unjustly accused Marines on Thanksgiving

From Defend Our Marines….

Thanksgiving, the uniquely American holiday that heralds the beginning of the joyous Yuletide season, also marks the beginning of another year in the Twilight Zone for the families of a diminishing handful of Marines accused of murder and cover-up in Iraq.

In the dawn of November 19, 2005, Staff Sergeant Frank Wuterich and a small band of infantrymen under his command set out on a routine mission. In Marine Corps parlance Wuterich’s 12-man squad was on a resupply run, a daily occurrence in every combat operation. An hour into it they were hit with an ambush that left one of their number dead and two wounded. In the year that followed, eight of the Marines became casualties of lies and distortions so extraordinary they reshaped the way military justice is perceived.

On this Thanksgiving day, four Marines, two officers and two enlisted Marines are the last untreated casualties of the attack. Lt. Col. Jeffrey Chessani, 44, soon to be the father of six children, Staff Sergeant Frank Wuterich, 27, the father of three little girls, 1st Lt. Andrew Grayson, 26, a feisty Ohioan denied a Bronze Star for his alleged role in covering up the incident, and Lance Corporal Stephen Tatum, 26, a quiet Marine from Oklahoma who distinguished himself repeatedly during two combat tours in Iraq, all face prison time, huge legal expenses, and emotional scars that may never completely heal.

Four other Marines, including former Lance Corporal Justin Sharratt, from Pennsylvania, Captain Lucas McConnell, a rugged Annapolis grad and brilliant company commander, Captain Randy Stone, a promising Marine Corps lawyer personally recognized by President George W. Bush for his exemplary service, and Sergeant Sanick Dela Cruz, a Marine who felt compelled to turn on his brothers, have been either exonerated or had their charges dismissed.

Forces of darkness enjoy selves

On the other side of the battle line is Congressman John Murtha, the king of pork from Johnstown, Pennsylvania, a retired Marine reservist and chairman of the powerful House Armed Services Committee. The 16-term Democratic Congressman is the vocal opponent of Bush’s Iraq policies who publicly accused the Marines of cold blooded murder.

Before he quit condemning the Marines in public Murtha variously said he learned of the alleged murders from former Marine Corps Commandant General William W. Hagee, command debriefings, and/or Time magazine reports. The reports Time cited were written by Tim McGirk, an ambitious reporter who now runs the Jerusalem bureau of Time Magazine. McGirk wrote the inflammatory March 19, 2006 report that accused the Marines of murdering 24 innocent Iraqi citizens that triggered the debacle.

Working to prove Murtha’s allegations of behalf of the aroused media is the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (as uncovered by Chickenhawk Express, the former-employer of Murtha’s policy director, Gabrielle Carruth) as well as a platoon of Marine Corps reserve lawyers called to active duty to prosecute their brothers-in-arms.

Somehow or other, the 40,000-page confidential NCIS investigation found its way into the hands of the Washington media before it was received by the attorneys preparing to defend the Marines. So did the names, ages, and hometowns of Marines “about to be accused” just before the Thanksgiving holiday last year.

Now, after two years of accusations, denials, legal motions, unchecked human emotion, and endless drama, the costs are mounting to unimaginable heights while the public generosity that paid much of the defendant’s endless expenses is waning.

There’s more at the link – much more. These Marines have been accused (and I might add tried and convicted in the enemedia and by Murtha and his traitorous compatriots. If you can, please contribute to their defense fund. They are having to fight a battle in the courtroom that they never should have had to fight. In my opinion, the government, when these men are exonerated, should have to foot the bill for the honorable Marines’ defense. It’s not right that they should be fighting to keep their heads above water financially because of the whim of a traitor in Congress.

WaPo wouldn’t know good news if it kicked them in the backside…

In a typical move made by the enemedia, David Ignatius of the Washington Post finds the cloud around the silver lining.

Thanksgiving day is a moment to celebrate the news from Iraq of declining violence and increased security. But it’s also a time for honesty and humility about what this good news portends.


Only someone with a heart of stone would not rejoice at this news. When you think of the suffering Iraqis have endured — through the decades of Saddam Hussein’s brutality, the years of punishing economic sanctions, the U.S. invasion and the terrible aftermath of insurgency and sectarian killing — even a little bit of progress is worth a cheer.

But what accounts for these welcome changes? That’s where we need to be careful.

It must suck to be a on their side. I wonder if they ever smile. As a fellow poster shrinkermd at Free Republic put it, they are snatching defeat from the jaws of victory once again.

Anti-war phonies outed by a certified moonbat!

From John Bruhns, in the Philadelphia Daily News, comes an amazing revelation of what many of us believed to be true. The folks marauding as anti-war are really just anti-Bush. He’s really angry about it too.

We watched as legislation that had no substantial impact on ending the war was debated. There ARE anti-war resolutions still floating out there that call for a real end to the war, but the groups I worked for wouldn’t spend one dime to promote legislation considered out of the mainstream of the Democratic Party.

Any genuine anti-war message was filtered through media consultants who provide politically correct “talking points” to veterans for them to carry out a phony message that is beneficial to the campaign.

We threatened Republicans with “political extinction” if they didn’t change their votes on Iraq. It was a partisan tactic that got us nowhere fast.

When I worked with these organizations, I did nothing to actually stop the war. I only put on a good show that would catch the attention of the media. We focused on America’s desire for entertainment rather than the core issue of ending the war.

Did you catch that — the part about the media? Any genuine anti-war message was filtered through media consultants who provide politically correct “talking points” to veterans for them to carry out a phony message that is beneficial to the campaign.

Well…there it is.

If the anti-war crowd could just learn to write well…

Uncle Jimbo over at Blackfive found a really idiotic article at the Wisconsin State Journal by a guy named Bill Kaplan. (Dude – lose the beard.)

Here’s how it starts:

Last January, President Bush decided to escalate the Iraq War by sending more troops. Bush did this despite an electoral repudiation of the war, misgivings of the U.S. military ‘s Joint Chiefs of Staff and the advice of the bipartisan Iraq Study Group. Now the White House claims that the escalation is working and is a “return on success. ” But what are the facts?

Oh do tell….

It’s a darn good thing we didn’t have the same media in the Revolutionary war that we have now.

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