From the Southtown Star in Chicago, there’s a terrific letter written by a soldier who has just finished his tour of duty. Hit the link to read the whole thing. Here’s an excerpt – the guys with boots on the ground know the media is their enemy.

I hope you all have enjoyed sharing this experience with me as I have enjoyed your return comments. While in my updates I have attempted to stay out of the political fray, I will now go on record and state that I do believe our cause here is just. While hard to perceive from the nightly news, we are making tremendous progress here. Here are the facts as I see them:

1. When we arrived, deaths of Iraqis and of U.S. soldiers were a daily occurrence; today they are becoming lessened to a point of rolling many days with little or no casualties.

2. The “surge” worked and was necessary. More soldiers, less sanctuaries for the enemy.

3. We have al-Qaida on the run and we have dealt them a devastating blow here in Iraq.

4. We remain safer in the U.S. as the terrorists are tied down here in Iraq.

5. We have made mistakes here as with all armed conflict but are working to correct them.

6. With security, the Iraqi government needs time to work through their political differences. Our country was not built in five years either.

7. The bottom line is we are here and we must leave victorious.

In listening to the news three days ago, I heard the statement that 2007 was the bloodiest ever in Iraq. While true, we must listen to the rest of the story in that most of the casualties were early in the year before we (committed an additional) 30,000 more troops. The hard fact is that now Iraq is a much safer place than in February of this year. One has to pay close attention to the whole story and not just the eye-catching headline.

I, for one, am sorry this hero has to fight the enemedia as well as the enemy. But I guess that’s a bit redundant.