From the New York Daily News in an article titled “What I See Everyday In Iraq….”

am writing these words from Fallujah, site of the most horrific battle of the entire war in November 2004, and the city thought to be the meanest in Iraq since at least the time of the British in Mesopotamia.

Almost everyone I know back home was sure I’d be shot at every day, that it’s still a war zone out here. Based on the news reports – even the new, optimistic ones, could you blame them for thinking that?

When is the enemedia going to report the Truth about what’s happening in Iraq without their anti-American spin?

And as for those who yakkety yak about the Iraqi’s not handling things for themselves, there was this little nugget….

Even the Marines are softer on terrorists here than the local cops are.

Fallujah was once the backbone of the insurgency. Today, as First Lt. Barry Edwards put it, “They avoid Fallujah now like it’s the plague. … They’re afraid of the Iraqis.”

“Security is good now because the coalition, Iraqi Army, and Iraqi police all work together,” said an Iraqi fruit stand owner. “One hand does not clap.”