But I’m not holding my breath.

From News Blaze.com

Nothing causes liberals to break out in cold sweats quicker the prospect of a military victory in Iraq, particularly when that W is posted by the American team.

And get this — pay particular note to the bold section….

General Petraeus is only a highly decorated military professional who spent most of 2007 “on the ground” in Iraq, managing coalition forces.

What could he possibly know about fighting and winning a war?

Besides, General Petraeus reports to the commander-in-chief, who just happens to be President George W. Bush. That fact alone would make it impossible to trust or believe Petraeus, the U.S. Constitution notwithstanding.

Instead, the brain trust of the Democrat party elected to impugn the good name and honor of General Petraeus based on an outrageous attack ad by goof balls at MoveOn.Org.

That ad was so anti-American that the New York Times decided to partially underwrite it by providing MoveOn.Org with a discounted price.

So, the New York Times, the ringleader of the Enemedia, partially funded the anti-American General “Betray Us” ad? The enemedia at work.