Over at Civilian Irregular Information Defense Group, Cannoneer No. 4 has a challenge… It starts like this…

America is a divided nation. We do not have the necessary unity to engage in a Long War with a militarily weaker but ideologically fanatical asymmetric enemy. They are more intensely devoted to our subjugation than we are to theirs.

And ends with this….

Those of us with unimpaired 1st Amendment rights will need to ratchet up the intensity of our opposition to the domestic ”Loyal Opposition” if we expect to reverse the trend.

So…let’s go. Gotta get ratcheting. I am reminded of the sign seen in Iraq — “The Marines are at war. America is at the mall.” Sad, but for the most part true. And we are pretty content with that, it’s sad to say. People don’t mind a little war as long as it doesn’t interfere with their lives. I submit, however, that to the extent that it DOES interfere with our lives, we care what happens over there. It’s not a perfect equation. Some folks I know have known no one personally who has been there, and yet they work tirelessly on support the troops projects. And then I know there are some guys and gals over there who don’t even get letters from home because their family and friends are too busy to remember them. But they are the exceptions, I think.

So how do we make average Joe America care enough to pay attention? That’s a big question – a lot to think about.