Ok – so I should be glad, right? I just don’t trust them enough not to look for their hidden agenda. I speculated over at Free Republic that they might possibly be working for a set up. i.e. “You said things were better – but now you say we need to stay.” That kind of thing. It’s possible that they are (finally) recognizing the good news over there, in part because it’s too big to deny, and in part because it will give them ammo to hurl in some twisted way later. Then I saw another post by JohnHuang2, in the Finest daily thread in which he says:

If you’re looking for why the press seems suddenly EAGER to report REAL news out of Iraq rather than spouting the usual ‘time to call it quits, pack it up, boys, war is lost, jig is up, surge ain’t working, run for the hills!’ denial mantra, you start with the astute observation that Bush isn’t running next year and the press has figured that out.

Democrats yearn to surrender in Iraq and they pinned their hopes on al-Qaeda winning and Congress forcing a troop pull-out but, with the surge working, the whole Iraq issue is a net loser for Hillary so, if you’re the press and think Cackles’s got a better shot than Obama at winning next year, best to cut your losses on Iraq now, get all the “bad news” about America winning out of the way, then sink the Iraq issue without a trace for ‘08.

He may just be right about that.