Ollie North’s new column must cause the enemedia ulcers. It’s nothing but good news!

My favorite part:

We now have seen what few others have cared to report: that “the awakening” in the Sunni population and the “concerned citizens” program here in Babel province have indeed, as Ferrell puts it, “lifted the blanket of fear on these communities.” He told us, “We have crippled the al-Qaida in this area and contributed to a dramatic turnaround in security for Baghdad.” From all we have seen, he’s spot on.

Interestingly, these kinds of stories are becoming a trend throughout Iraq. Unfortunately, these aren’t the kinds of facts that make good copy for America’s media elites. Reductions in enemy attacks, fewer U.S., coalition and civilian casualties and improvements in Iraqi military and security forces have driven news from Iraq out of the front pages of our papers and off broadcast news.

Publicly, U.S. commanders describe the situation as “cautiously optimistic” and say “the momentum is in the right direction.” Privately, they say, “We are putting them (al-Qaida and the Shiite militias) on the ropes.”

Though disappointed by the lack of “good news” being reported in the U.S. media, the troops’ sense of humor is undiminished. When Secretary Gates was in Baghdad this week, it was announced that lack of congressional funding could result in “pink slips for up to 200,000 Defense Department employees.” Hearing the story, one young soldier heading out on patrol commented, “Somebody call me if I get laid off.”

You gotta love these guys! And they know the score with the enemedia ~ we cannot let them down by not speaking up!