From the LA Times, it looks like the good people of Nevada aren’t so keen on Dingy Harry’s leftist blubbering…

Reid has never been the most popular politician in Nevada. The last time he had a serious Republican opponent — John Ensign in 1998 — the results were very close in Reid’s favor. Two recent newspaper polls found that 49% and 51% of voters disapprove of Reid’s job performance, while only 39% and 32% gave him a favorable rating.

That almost invites a strong Republican challenger should Reid decide to run again in 2010.


“As majority leader,” the Las Vegas Review Journal recently editorialized, “he has exhibited a degree of liberal partisanship that is clearly not going over well with many Nevada voters.” And the newspaper did not see that turning around anytime soon “as long as Sen. Reid insists on being a mouthpiece for his party’s hyperleftist wing.”

Wow! Did the LA Times find it’s conscience, or is this one of those “even a stopped clock if right twice a day” moments?