I wanted to get this up yesterday and just didn’t get the chance. My friend, Cannoneer No. 4 posted a story at Free Republic that came from Pajamas Media called Pulitzer Prize in Terrorism. It’s about Bilal Hussein, the AP Photographer who was caught cavorting with the terrorists and is set to go on trial in Iraq. For some backstory, read this from Cannoneer No. 4.

What concerns me is this part:

Bilal Hussein had free reign to be anywhere and was often taking pictures in the company of insurgents and terrorists. He and the other stringers who made up AP’s Pulitzer Prize winning photo team managed to capture assassinations as they happened. They were on site at bombings within seconds to capture the carnage almost as it happened.

These people, the AP story writers and photographers, are among the most prolifically published in the Enemedia. The stories they write shape a lot of what our country considers to be the “news.” Well, it might be “news,” but it certainly isn’t “Truth” a lot of the time. And we need to really think about why we believe what we do about the WOT and other world matters. If we are basing our beliefs and understanding on what we’re hearing and seeing from the Enemedia, we are basing it on the workings of a bunch of world class lying dogs. They are the PsyOp for the enemy. They ARE the terrorists.

(Thanks, smoothsailing!)