Cannoneer no. 4 pointed it out on his blog first. Did you know that Sgt. Gregory Williams was just awarded the Distinguished Service Cross? No? Well it’s no surprise. It’s buried. A Google of his name turns up the article Cannoneer posted at Free Republic, the Army Times article, and a story from newspapers in Fairbanks and Anchorage, as well as KTUU and Alaska ABC affiliate. So there must be some huge story, something incredible or horrible that is keeping this, the story of the awarding of our nation’s second highest military honor, off the front page, right?

Not bloody likely.

Clinton enters debate with race wide open

EU Leaders Sign Bloc’s New Treaty

ICRC says Israeli clamps worsen Gaza, W.Bank crisis

Bitter Divisions Exposed at Climate Talks (Gimme a freaking break!)

Lebanese Army Investigates Slaying of Top General

The New Dow Jones

AMD vows to be profitable in 2008

As Baseball Braces for Report, Pettitte and Clemens Cited

Yanks finalize 10-year deal with A-Rod

Common Infant Vaccine Recalled

Merck pushes for over-the-counter statin in US


Bush vetoes child health bill

Adwatch: Clinton Mom’s Appeal

Huckabee apologizes for comments on Mormons

Broad Energy Bill Stalls in Senate

Opera Files Antitrust Suit Against Microsoft

Tropical Storm Olga kills 22 in Caribbean

Word-of-the-Year Ritual Pauses for Puzzlement God help us! This is news??

Rock Hall takes a walk on the white side

A Chapter of ‘Jackass’ as Web Test

Golden Globe Nominations Announced

Thompson scores debate points

In Japan, denial over Nanjing still holds sway after 70 years

That’s it. Those are Google’s top news stories.

So while we as a country prepare to bow and worship at the feet of the anti-American scumbags in Hollyweird for yet another self-congratulatory award program the “news” that Jackass is going to be on the internet is obviously a much more important item of note than the fact that our country has recognized another real, true-life hero for actions taken on behalf of our country. It’s enough to make me want to throw up.