Well, I took a lot of hits today on this thread at FR titled USO Troupe Braves Sand, Snow For GIs.

I took exception to the title. Maybe I came on too strong — I said:

The title of that makes me wanna barf — how about “Troops brave sand and snow to see a USO show.” And guess what? When the show’s over the USO Troupe goes home — the Troops stay.

I got called a Grinch and grouchy among other things. My point was this:

I just don’t think the entertainment industry folks deserve hero status for going to the sandbox and “braving” the snow to entertain our troops who live there and are undergoing true hardship to protect and defend our country. It is Enemedia Bias by placement

Newspaper stories are usually written in a “pyramid” style — that is, the most important facts are supposed to appear early in the story, with each paragraph a little less important than the previous paragraph.*snip*

Studies have shown that, in the case of the average newspaper reader and the average news story, most people read only the headline.

The headline of this story points toward the entertainers as being somehow heroic for going, and neglects to say that the Troops are.

Oh well – I stand by my assertion that it’s the TROOPS who deserve to billed as heroes, not the ENTERTAINERS who decide to go see them for a few days.