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Neil Cavuto NAILS Madeline Half-bright

Go to the videos section and search for Madeline Albright. He doesn’t let her get away with the enemy lies. Good on ya, Neil!!

Hey Helen – isn’t it time to retire?

From leftist windbag Helen Thomas’ bag of tricks…

What Will Next President Do About Iraq?
Candidates Need To Be Clear About Plans
Helen Thomas, Hearst White House columnist

POSTED: 10:02 pm EST January 23, 2008

Thinking of his legacy, President George W. Bush says he views himself as a peacemaker, but at the same time he acknowledges that some may see him as a warmonger.

The president — who launched an unprovoked war against Iraq in 2003 — had previously said he wanted to be known as a war president.

That is more likely, since the wars he initiated against Iraq and Afghanistan have gone on longer than World War II — and there is no end in sight.

blah blah blah more BS blah blah blah

Despite the daily violence, Bush still speaks of winning the war.

How long are Americans willing to sacrifice the lives of young American men and women in a country that sees us as a foreign enemy?

The war was based on falsehoods. That alone should have aroused the American people to recall the history of its participation in the equally unpopular and devastating Vietnam War.


Hey Helen – here’s your sign.

This was was unprovoked only in the minds of the loony left (where you are firmly ensconced) — it was provoked by YEARS of Saddam’s thumbing his nose at UN Resolution after UN Resolution.

Based on falsehoods? Do you mean based on faulty intelligence? Maybe because your hero Bill “what does is mean?” Clinton raided our intelligence community and shut large portions of it down, leaving us virtually un-embedded everywhere that it mattered? In actuality, whether you loony leftists will admit it or not, the WMD’s DID exist. So that leaves you either unintelligent, uninformed, or plain old traitorous. I think there’s enough evidence to prove any of the three.

“equally unpopular and devastating Vietnam War.”
Because of traitors like YOU, Helen.

Just how twisted ARE those news stories anyway?

It’s a mighty tangled web. Cannoneer No. 4 found it – you know how we always hear the chants of the moonbats “Bush lied – people died.” You’ll never believe who funded the study that purported that that’s what happened. Well, maybe you will. It comes as no surprise, but at the same time, it’s shocking just how duplicitous our enemedia is.

Michael Yon

From a story about Michael Yon in the NY Slimes (in the Business section – go figure!)

In 2005 and 2006, Mr. Yon went through a period of rocky relations with the military hierarchy, which at times tried to bar him from accompanying units. But since then, things have improved, and the military has generally become more conscious — and solicitous — of Internet journalists. To Mr. Yon, ever-hopeful about the war, that change is healthy for Iraq, as well as for him.

“If you have bad media relations, you don’t know how to run a counterinsurgency,” he said. “Now they’re very good at it.”

Maybe this is evidence of our government finally getting a clue about the internet’s usefulness in fighting for hearts and minds.

I’m baaaaack!

Some of my readers may know that I work with a group called Proud Patriots packing care packages for the troops several times a year. We had a MAJOR event with a major corporate sponsor on Wednesday in which we packed about 1300-1400 care packages. The group was packing another 6-700 on Thursday after we left. There will be a LOT of happy soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines in a week or so when those packages arrive! As soon as there’s an official news source story that I can link here, I’ll post it.

And there were lots of happy people who had many, many positive shout outs of support for our heroes in camo’s — we love you guys and gals. You’re what makes our country great! Thank you for everything!!

Short hiatus

I’ve been involved in some major troop support activities for hte last few days and I have a couple more days of work to go. When it’s over, I’ll share about it here. As a result I’ve had very little time online. But, in the immortal words of The Terminator… “I’ll be back!”

Ollie North calls BS

From his post at Townhall, Ollie North chimes in on the NYSlimes latest hit piece…

Had the Times wanted to make a different point, instead of impugning the U.S. military, they could have done a Google search to find these headlines: “Deputies: Couple commits suicide after foreclosure notice,” from KATU-TV; and “Foreclosure May Have Led to Homicide-Suicide,” from WRTV; and “Lengthy SWAT Standoff Over Foreclosure Ends in Suicide,” from the Houston Chronicle. The New York Times could compile such headlines to dissuade Americans from homeownership.

“Very discouraging” is how the recruiter described the current attack on those who serve in the U.S. armed forces. He’s right; and the recent Times hit piece is just part of a pattern that began to emerge in the so-called mainstream media as the situation on the ground in Iraq began to improve late last year.


In fact, the drug abuse and suicide rates for military personnel are considerably lower than that for the same age group in the U.S. population, and the divorce rate in the military remains slightly lower than in the overall population. The desertion rate for the Marines actually has declined since Sept. 11, 2001.

Despite significant improvements on the battlefield in Iraq, the combined effects of this adverse “reporting” have created a more challenging recruiting environment — and made it more difficult for young war veterans to find good jobs once they have completed their service. In December, the unemployment rate for 20- to 24-year-old veterans was nearly 17 percent — more than three times the rate for non-veteran Americans. It’s clear evidence that the smear has worked.

The NY Post calls BS

The New York Post calls the Old Grey Witch on the carpet for that piece of slanderous garbage they claimed was a “story.” More like a fairytale.

January 17, 2008 — Memo to New York Times Public Ed itor Clark Hoyt: Your urgent atten tion is needed on the slanderous 7,000-word front-page article published last Sunday about homicides allegedly committed by US veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns.

We say “allegedly,” because the article lumped those merely accused of a homicide with those who’ve already been convicted. But that was the least of the piece’s problems.

As our colleague Ralph Peters so adroitly demonstrated on these pages Tuesday, the article embraced the hoariest of overwrought clichés – the US combat vet as psychotic killer.

But on what evidence?

None at all.

Indeed, it’s impossible to take issue with the statistics cited by reporters Deborah Sontag and Lisette Alvarez – because their article doesn’t have any.

For most editors, that would be a red flag. Not at the Times, not in a piece that appealed to the editors’ dearest prejudices.

The article, said to be the first of several, reports that there have been 121 homicides involving active-duty or recently discharged Iraq/Afghan combat veterans.

(Need we mention here what the Times thinks of that war – as has long been clear in both its news and opinion pages? Didn’t think so.)

Read the rest here.

Another hit from the Enemedia…

First the returning vets are whacked out — refuted by MoveAmericaForward — now their wives are wimps.

Dead Man Walking

U.S.-Born Al Qaeda Appears In New Video

…At one point in the video, Gadahn took out his U.S. passport, showed it to the camera and tore it into several pieces.

“In symbolic rejection of the American citizenship that honorable and decent and compassionate people are ashamed to carry, I will now proceed to destroy my American passport,” he said.


Gadahn is the first American to be charged with treason in more than 50 years and could face the death penalty if convicted. He also was indicted on a charge of providing material support to terrorists.

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