In a World Tribune article from Dec. 29 about the recent events in Pakistan, the article states:

Musharraf, who is one of the main targets of the Al Qaida international terrorist organization, recognizes that the so-called “CNN effect” in global affairs can destabilize foreign governments, including his own. It’s no wonder that he recently complained about being betrayed by the Western media.

Welcome to the world of the Enemedia, Mr. Musharraf.

“Happening now — breaking news,” Blitzer breathlessly declared on Thursday. “Benazir Bhutto holds Pakistan’s president responsible for her assassination in an e-mail sent only weeks before her death. We’re going to bring you an exclusive look at that never-before-seen e-mail and an interview with the man who received and who let me in on his chilling secret.”

Blitzer understood the impact of his words. “We want to welcome our viewers in the United States and around the world,” he said, knowing such an explosive report could lead to the further loss of life (19 people had died in Pakistan in riots following the Bhutto death as of Friday afternoon).

It was an incendiary charge. Blitzer called it “my exclusive report on Benazir Bhutto casting blame for her own assassination two months before it happened.” If killed, she reportedly said in the e-mail, “I would hold Musharraf responsible. I have been made to feel insecure by his minions…”

I’ll bet the jerk was salivating at the thought of more bloodshed to report on — with the slant of it being Bush’s fault of course. More from Sweetness & Light….

Hillary and her allies in the Democratic Party and the media are doing anything but promoting peace. They are exploiting a tragic death in order to destabilize a U.S. ally.

He’s right, you know.