The New York Post calls the Old Grey Witch on the carpet for that piece of slanderous garbage they claimed was a “story.” More like a fairytale.

January 17, 2008 — Memo to New York Times Public Ed itor Clark Hoyt: Your urgent atten tion is needed on the slanderous 7,000-word front-page article published last Sunday about homicides allegedly committed by US veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns.

We say “allegedly,” because the article lumped those merely accused of a homicide with those who’ve already been convicted. But that was the least of the piece’s problems.

As our colleague Ralph Peters so adroitly demonstrated on these pages Tuesday, the article embraced the hoariest of overwrought clichés – the US combat vet as psychotic killer.

But on what evidence?

None at all.

Indeed, it’s impossible to take issue with the statistics cited by reporters Deborah Sontag and Lisette Alvarez – because their article doesn’t have any.

For most editors, that would be a red flag. Not at the Times, not in a piece that appealed to the editors’ dearest prejudices.

The article, said to be the first of several, reports that there have been 121 homicides involving active-duty or recently discharged Iraq/Afghan combat veterans.

(Need we mention here what the Times thinks of that war – as has long been clear in both its news and opinion pages? Didn’t think so.)

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