From leftist windbag Helen Thomas’ bag of tricks…

What Will Next President Do About Iraq?
Candidates Need To Be Clear About Plans
Helen Thomas, Hearst White House columnist

POSTED: 10:02 pm EST January 23, 2008

Thinking of his legacy, President George W. Bush says he views himself as a peacemaker, but at the same time he acknowledges that some may see him as a warmonger.

The president — who launched an unprovoked war against Iraq in 2003 — had previously said he wanted to be known as a war president.

That is more likely, since the wars he initiated against Iraq and Afghanistan have gone on longer than World War II — and there is no end in sight.

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Despite the daily violence, Bush still speaks of winning the war.

How long are Americans willing to sacrifice the lives of young American men and women in a country that sees us as a foreign enemy?

The war was based on falsehoods. That alone should have aroused the American people to recall the history of its participation in the equally unpopular and devastating Vietnam War.


Hey Helen – here’s your sign.

This was was unprovoked only in the minds of the loony left (where you are firmly ensconced) — it was provoked by YEARS of Saddam’s thumbing his nose at UN Resolution after UN Resolution.

Based on falsehoods? Do you mean based on faulty intelligence? Maybe because your hero Bill “what does is mean?” Clinton raided our intelligence community and shut large portions of it down, leaving us virtually un-embedded everywhere that it mattered? In actuality, whether you loony leftists will admit it or not, the WMD’s DID exist. So that leaves you either unintelligent, uninformed, or plain old traitorous. I think there’s enough evidence to prove any of the three.

“equally unpopular and devastating Vietnam War.”
Because of traitors like YOU, Helen.