So this one caught my eye at ABC News…

The US Troop Surge, a Year Later

Gee — I wonder — is it possible that they would have something good to say? So I clicked on the link and guess what? I only had to read the sub-heading under the title to have my answer….

Surge Can Claim Some Success, but Iran Remains the Great Unknown

Good grief!! So now the benchmark is Iran? And here is the reason why I pray that we vote for a Republican to be our President. I am no fan of McCain, but putting the security of the world in the hands of the Dems? It’s suicide. Even ABC admits it — without knowing that they did:

As the U.S. begins reversing the expansion of troop strength back to the pre-surge levels of about 130,000 Iran has quietly placed itself in the control room of Iraq’s future. Tehran has major military and political tools available to it until U.S. forces eventually leave and has sunk deep roots inside the country’s fertile Shiite political power structure.

So Hillary and Obama, put in charge, would pull out of Iraq (in 60 days says the smartest woman in the world) and leave the security of the region in the hands of Iran. Time to hold my nose and vote for McInsane.