The Slimes has figured out what’s going on.  It’s not the death of the old dinosnore media.  They are “embracing the changes being thrust upon them.”  They may be trying to make lemons from lemonade, but the fact remains that the staff at newspapers and other news organizations are shrinking daily.  The St. Louis Post-Disgrace let 60 people retire in September of 2007 without hiring new people to take their vacated positions and has just announced that another 31 people are being laid off.

“Although the Post-Dispatch is performing relatively well, especially compared with other metropolitan newspapers, we believe it is prudent to dial back our expenses modestly,” Kevin Mowbray, publisher of the Post-Dispatch, said in a statement.

So th SLPD is doing well compared to the others?  No wonder the Helen Thomases get their panties in a twist over the PajamasMedia.  They really ARE losing their jobs.  Of course, on their way out, the Slimes had to get in a parting shot…

In another unexpected finding, citizen-created Web sites and blogs are actually far less welcoming to outside commentary than the so-called mainstream media, the report said.

Yeah.  It’s ’cause you’re full of beans and we don’t let you get away with spouting your lies and biases without proof to back it up.  We’re unwelcoming?  Bite me.