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Je$$ica’$ $upport: It’$ all about the $$$$

So I was right on the money. (Pun intended.) LT Nixon is awaiting confirmation from another source, but he’s posted a link on his blog to Media Takeout that indicated Miz Je$$ica used this as a photo op for her own self-promotion.

I am [Department Of Defense] civilian here in Kuwait working at the camp that held the OPERATION MYSPACE tour which was a charity event. She was the only act that was paid. Jessica insisted that they pay here approximately $150,000 [plus] $10,000 a day for Ken Paves and $6,000 a day for her stylist and make up artist.

When she arrived on the air field she had a pre-order that no one was allowed to come up to her and touch her she was looking very stuck up and snobby. When she came in the dining facility she only served the food for the troops for 5 minutes.


I am tired of celebrities trying to take advantage of our troops and use it for there own exposure at a cost. Please expose Jessica for the real fake person she is. She definitely needs a reality check. I guess the great ratings of ” Blonde Ambition”, should tell her where she stands as an A-Lister.

Given that her career seems to be floundering and she’s just “discovered” country music, she’s gotta know that pics of her with the troops would do her good with the Nashville crowd. As Chet Flippo at CMT’s blog put it,

Someone should keep a running count of all the pop, rock, and otherwise singers who show up in Nashville every year and proclaim “I’ve always been country” and announce their immediate availability as country singer. Why is it that it’s always singers whose careers don’t seem to be on the upswing? I would call them “carpetbaggers” but that would be demeaning to the real carpetbaggers, who were deadly serious. Let’s just call them what they are: opportunistic arrivistes. Bless their hearts.

Bless their hearts indeed. (And ya’ll know the southern translation for that, right?)

Heroes, not victims

MSNBC link

For few, Iraq war has changed everything…a story filed by the AP which actually manages NOT to treat the heroes who sacrificed all as victims.

Amanda Jordan, whose Marine husband was killed three days into the war, says she doesn’t know what bothers her more _ the days that go by when no one speaks of the war, or the punditry. At a local diner she frequents with her 11-year-old son near their home in Enfield, Conn., she’s contemplated standing up and leaving so he doesn’t hear when people say Iraq was unnecessarily invaded.

“This is like my life. You’re saying my spouse, my child’s father, is dead for no reason,” says Jordan, a 39-year-old former paralegal who is studying to be a therapist specializing in grief. “That’s a pretty harsh thing to hear all the time.”


Thank you, Mrs. Jordan.  Your husband is a hero, and he did not die in vain.

Jessica Simpson troop supporter? Not really

At least not according to Check this out…

Jessica Simpson is headlining the Operation MySpace concert in Kuwait Monday, but industry insiders are wondering how Simpson is going to pull off making her performance look like a gift to the troops given how little time she’s spending with them and the exorbitant expense required to shuttle Simpson overseas and back to the U.S.

According to a source close to the Simpson camp, a private plane carrying Simpson and her entourage — which includes dad Joe, hairstylist Ken Paves, her personal assistant and a stylist — left L.A. and was due in Kuwait the evening of March 9. Total cost for the plane was approximately $150,000. (Reps for Simpson maintain that Simpson did not fly privately.)

Someone will be picking up the tab for accommodations as well, even though it’s been touted that Simpson will be forgoing her standard hotel suite to spend the night living like the troops in a bunk. The source close to Simpson predicts that any time spent in a bunk will last no longer than the time it takes for a photo.

“Jessica doesn’t sleep in tents or bunks the night before a concert. She needs to give a good performance — there’s no way Joe will want The Pussycat Dolls (who are also performing as part of the same show) to upstage his daughter. He’ll have her sleeping in a proper bed in the right environment.”

Other expenses include her stylist and makeup artist (who both charge approximately $6,000 per day), and Paves, whose day rate is a whopping $10,000, according to the Simpson source.

“This isn’t a charity show. The people around Jessica aren’t donating their time or cutting their rates as if this was Jess’s charity Operation Smile. Someone is picking up the tab, and it’s not going to be Jessica.”

When the concert is over, Simpson has about three hours for quality time with the troops before her plane takes off again. “Literally, she’s going to sing ‘These Boots Are Made for Walking,’ and she’s going to be walking herself right back onto that plane,” said the source.

“The decision for her to do this doesn’t make sense,” said the source. “Her album is not ready for promoting, she risks being upstaged by the Pussycat Dolls and there’s no way to come out of this without looking like a financial drain on the project.” (MySpace did not comment on who exactly is picking up the tab, but did say “Jessica was not paid for her appearance. This is a good thing she’s doing.”)

“She doesn’t even talk to her fans on MySpace. She has that odd site that was finally copied onto her MySpace.”

As an aside, Simpson is looking for someone to help her pick up the tab for too. There is a link on the page to donate to “help me out with covering server costs and other necessary expenses …”

If you don’t tune in to MySpace for the show, not to worry. There will be pictures available, as a magazine insider said that Joe Simpson will be taking some of the photos himself, like he did with Jessica’s last Operation Smile trip, and will be shopping an exclusive to the weekly mags for publication this week.

Sounds to me like the only reason Miz Simpson is doing this is for Miz Simpson. Toby Keith and Ted Nugent may not have Jessica’s physique, but they are a darn sight better military supporters.


Resolve to Win

This came from a friend of mine in email and I am posting it here with his permission….

When my alarm buzzed at 3:30 a.m., I was surprised at how quickly this ol’ fortysomething got moving.Despite the early hour and challenges ahead, I was
excited to join America’s finest for a small part of an epic walk from the NC/SC border up to WashingtonD.C.  After a quick shower and an accelerated morning
routine, I departed at 4:02 for the 160 mile or sodrive to Emporia.  There I met up with Bob Miller, afriend and Marine Corps Vietnam veteran.  We grabbed
some coffee and Mountain Dew and intended to welcome the walkers to Virginia by escorting them across the state line.

Who were these walkers?  Three retired veterans who had recently been voluntarily recalled and served over in Iraq.  They determined to do something significant and difficult to show America that many of us want our troops to come home as winners, having accomplished a very challenging mission.  That’s how Resolve to Win was born. They also hope to build excitement and
momentum along the way, resulting in a large following in northern Virginia next weekend.  Route and schedule here:

Bob and I staged his vehicle at the VA/NC state line, then drove south on Hwy 301 and soon (by purecoincidence) found ourselves behind the Resolve to Win
recreational vehicle.  We knew from photos this was the walkers’ main support vehicle, so we followed behind it all the way to this morning’s starting point
in Halifax County.  There, in a light drizzle, we met up with walkers Dennis McCool, Carl Heerup and Marc Breslow, plus their support crew (Ada, Don, Carl, Pearl – my apologies if I missed anyone).  We learned the unfortunate news that Marc, after walking seven consecutive days, was going to depart for much-needed medical attention on his feet.  So the core group of four was down to two (Dennis and Carl).  The fourth member, an Army major or lieutenant colonel and Dennis’ son Gerry McCool, walked for several days in the beginning before needing to return to work.  However, he will rejoin the group for the last few days.  The group wished Marc a fond farewell, a speedy recovery, and plans to see him in D.C. on March 16th.

We stepped off at 7:30 in a light rain, which over the next couple of hours faded on and off, with one stretch of 10-15 minutes of fairly heavy rain that unfortunately soaked our footwear.  In addition to Dennis, Carl, Bob and I, we were joined by two active duty Army recruiters (Darrick and Trey, who were
determined to escort these amazing veterans through their area of operations) and another old Marine Corps friend, Larry Hoffa (whom we did not realize until just then would be walking with us).  Each walking segment was 6-7 miles, taking about two hours. There’s a half-hour morning break, a 45-minute lunch,
a half-hour afternoon break, with each day completed about 6:00 p.m.

During the first leg Bob called in to a Richmond radio station, and the DJs interviewed Bob and Carl.  Dennis normally receives a daily morning call from a Fox affiliate in Orlando FL that has been tracking their progress.  However, this morning for some reason there was no call.  People took turns carrying the American flag and the guidon (a long wooden stick with a metal pike on top, holding a small banner usually denoting a particular unit.  This blue banner with fringe says Resolve to Win.)  Since the recruiters and Larry were only planning to walk until lunch, I held off carrying the guidon until the later legs.  We walked along the right edge of Hwy 301 and were blessed to have NC sheriff and police escorts all the way to the lunch break.  I was disappointed that Virginia did not have anyone (police or otherwise) greeting us at the state line.  But the support crew and walkers all have Nextel phones, so they managed traffic very professionally with no significant problems all day.

During the second leg we heard a disturbance behind us, and saw an elderly veteran with an American flag double timing (running) to catch up to us.  We slowed down, and he walked with Dennis McCool up to a bridge (where his wife picked him up)  just to show us his support.  Very motivating!  And during this leg another gentleman pulled his southbound vehicle over, jumped out, snapped a couple of photos and thanked us for walking.

The rain cleared up after the first leg, and by lunchtime the sun was coming out.  A reporter from Littleton NC took pictures and interviewed some of the folks.  We ate and then bid a fond farewell to our Army recruiter friends, Darrick and Trey, as they had to prepare for an ROTC ball that evening.  Both were fun to have around, sharing knowledge of the local area, trail mix and Hershey’s kisses!  And Darrick kindly gave me a pair of hiking socks.  I had neglected to bring a back-up pair, and the wet shoes & socks resulted in a couple of blisters on my right foot by lunch.  So those socks did considerably cut down on my discomfort.  Larry was feeling pretty good, so he wanted to walk the third leg with us.  His wife Lori, following in a support vehicle, good naturedly agreed to go to work a little later so Larry could have some more fun with us (in a masochistic sort of way).

As Carl, Dennis, Bob, Larry and I set off on Leg 3 after a lunch of sandwiches, pickles and potato chips (and lots of fluids!), a white SUV pulled over in front of us.  It was a NC family of four who had heard about us on the radio and wanted to say “Hello” and cheer us on.  They chatted briefly with Bob, then drove ahead of us.  They pulled out a large unit flag for the 173rd Airborne, in which they have two sons (Sean and Chase, I believe) currently serving in Iraq.   9-year old Gavin was waving the flag, which was twice as big as him, in a strong wind, while 3-year old Raven was on the SUV’s hood waving to us as we walked
by.  At Dennis’ urging I ran back to a trail vehicle and retrieved some small American flags for the kids, Mom and Dad.  Bob and I went over to chat and snapped some photos.  They wanted to purchase some Resolve to Win t-shirts and hats, which were in the RV.  They decided to meet us at the state line (our third break area) to buy those, and then handed me a nice donation for RTW.  Raven had a picture of soldier brother Sean on her t-shirt.  If you can’t tell, those cute kids were the highlight of my day.    Bob and I then ran to catch up to the core group, and the running actually felt good to use some different
muscles for a while.  True to their word, they were waiting for us at the state line.  They bought a load of shirts and hats and spoke for a while with Dennis.
He cut short his rest and foot maintenance just to speak with them.  During the third break I needed to lance a couple of huge blisters on my right foot, and
Dennis gave me some moleskin which helped considerably.

After the break we all – walkers and support crew -posed for photos at the “Welcome to Virginia” sign. We said goodbye to Lori and Larry Hoffa, who were
gracious enough to run Bob back to retrieve my vehicle at the starting point.   That enabled me to walk the final leg with Dennis and Carl, who otherwise would have been alone.  Most of our route paralleled railroad tracks, and the trains were all honking, so we surmised they were talking about our march on the radio.  I started carrying the guidon early in Leg 3,  and never gave it up after that.  Leg 4 was extremely windy, and the fairly comfortable temperatures from the morning had dropped a good 15-20 degrees.  My hands were cold, but not enough to retrieve my gloves from the trail vehicle.  We heard via radio there were gale warnings in the area.  We weren’t surprised!
Early in Leg 4 we heard a snap, looked ahead about 40-50 yards as the crown of an old tree plummeted into the roadway.  Fortunately it was on the other side of the highway and no cars were coming.  I quickly cleared the debris and we continued.  We saw homes with shingles missing and at least two sheds with the roofs peeled back like tin can tops.  Needless to say, managing the guidon and American flag in those conditions was challenging.  Twice (during Legs 2 and 4) the American flag separated from the pole and was retired to the support vehicles.

As we approached the day’s final destination (a church parking lot 25-26 miles from the morning’s starting point), I could see Concrete Bob waiting with his
vehicle.  He’s never looked so beautiful (he was my ride back to MY vehicle!).  Dennis and Carl decided to skip going out for dinner and instead focus on warm
baths and caring for their feet.  So we posed for more pictures, including one for a nice veterans group in Missouri that sent a check for Resolve To Win.  It’s
nice to see the donations, because Dennis, Carl and the others have put a lot of their own money into this effort of love, with some wonderful support from
American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars posts. We then said our goodbyes and everyone departed.  Don, one of the support crew, said Day 8 was the most challenging with the rain and wind, so I was especially glad to have joined these fine folks on this day and hopefully provided some good company and encouragement.

As Bob drove me back to retrieve my vehicle, the first song coming from the radio was Alan Jackson’s “Where We You (When the World Stop Turning,” a moving reminder of the horrible slaughter of 9/11/01 and its impact on our lives.  A very fitting ending to an amazing day dedicated to our troops.

I am sore, with a few blisters, but have no regrets.  However, it’s absolutely incredible to me that two gentlemen (one ten years and the other 19 years my
senior) have done this eight consecutive days, with another eight still to come.  These guys are first-class studs!  What keeps them going is not only the knowledge they’re walking for everyone in uniform defending our freedom, but also the support of everyone who walks with them or simply stands along
the route to clap, cheer on and thank them.  I urge everyone reading this to:
•       tell a friend and local/national media organizations about this epic journey
•       visit the below website to post a short note of encouragement and/or buy a t-shirt or hat
•       consider meeting them somewhere between Emporia and D.C. through March 16th.

Maybe YOU could be one of the thousands they hope to have escorting them over the Memorial Bridge from Arlington National Cemetery to the Lincoln Memorial on March 16th.  God willing, I’ll be there.

Rock on, Eric!   We need more like ya!


The NYSlimes thinks our heroes are dupes (Are you surprised?)

The NYSlimes has the Faces of the Dead interactive display set up so that you can read the stories of all of our heroes who have been killed in Iraq.  What frosts me is the way it’s done.  To me they are not simply “the Dead” they are Heroes who gave their lives for our country and for the cause of Freedom.  The title on the page is “Casualties of War.”  “Casualty” has a connotation of something that’s out of one’s control, a freak accident, something unforseen or unexpected.  It implies that our warriors were in the combat zone because they are too stupid to know better.  (Have you ever looked up the word “victim” in a thesaurus?)  What an unpatriotic, un-American, backstabbing, faithless, traitorous way to look at our heroes.

ID-10T sighting

From the NYSlimes Iraq blog where they say they’ll give us a look at the REAL Iraq (did anyone out there believe them?)….

Comment of the Moment

“Will we find out in time that the ‘surge is working’ ploy cost the US a billion a month in secret spending?”

— ed gleason

Cintra Wilson, here’s yer sign…

From the Patriot Post Chronicle

This week’s “Non Compos Mentis” Award: “After shaving its head and driving drunk around the globe with no panties, calling itself the Antichrist, and finally abandoning its children, totaling its SUV and getting it’s a** kicked in the parking lot of the Persian Gulf, America is realizing that it is internationally loathed, broke, soulless, tasteless, fat, drunk, malicious, greedy and stupid, and has been generally behaving like a lousy excuse for a world superpower for long enough to lose all its friends and position.” —Salon columnist Cintra Wilson… on the Oscars!

This was in their “Villiage Idiots” segment — I think they were being waaaay too kind and insulting to idiots everywhere…

Here’s yer sign:

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