So yesterday, I found this great story at Brian Cuban’s blog, The Cuban Revolution titled Facebook At Odds With Obama On Holocaust Denial in which he gives a lot of good, solid information about Holocaust denier groups on Facebook.  And as a facebook user myself, I can tell you that they exist.  When I looked into the matter further, I found that the blog posted by Brian — presumably 2 days ago as that’s when the first comments appeared — plagerized quite a bit of information straight from JIDF (Jewish Internet Defense Force).  Quoting — which bloggers do often — is usually ok, as long as you link to the original source — that’s why you see links in blog posts.  But in this particular case, credit was not given to the original post posted at JIDF on October 18, 2008.

Sloppy journalism?  Maybe.  So I posted to Bob Cuban’s blog yesterday at a little before 5 pm ET:

“The JIDF has been all over this for quite a while.

Welcome to the party.”

Of course, there was the wait for moderation.  And I am still waiting.  The post has not yet been approved.  If it was an honest mistake, I’d expect to be approved.  I just hate to see someone else taking credit for the hard work being done by the JIDF.  I’ll keep ya posted.