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U.S. Company Covering for the Taliban (Most likely without their knowledge)

Usually in these posts I show you how YouTube is helping the terrorists by allowing them server space for their enemy propaganda at no charge.  Today, however, I’m going to show you how a different U.S. company is helping the Taliban hide their information by being a proxy domain holder for the official Taliban website, the Voice of Jihad (link is anonymized.)

First – the evidence of terror-supporting activities on this site —  when you first open the site, you’ll notice a scrolling graphic of military members (mostly U.S. and British)  who have been killed by the terrorist Taliban, and a list of “news” items which consist of propaganda pieces.

Then there are articles like this one:

And this:

Pure, unadulterated enemy propaganda.

And then there’s the Eid Mubarak address from leader Mullah Omar in which he declares:

This is a farce weapon in the hands of your rulers under the colonialist pretext of fight against terrorism. Thus they want to throw dust into the eyes of people. It is the demand of your conscience and moral duty to raise your voice for the prevention of this savagery…

(H/T Rusty at Jawa Report)

The information for The Voice of Jihad is:

The U.S. based company, Active Domains, is holding the domain for the Taliban by proxy.  To be fair, they most likely do not know that this website is the Taliban – they probably hold hundreds of website domains by proxy and I’m sure have not checked into each and every one of them.  At their site, they have their TOS posted, which include this portion:

By registering a name or applying for services you also represent that the statements in its application are true and you also represent that the Domain Name is not being registered for any unlawful purpose.

As you can see, the only contact information on the whois registration is  I sent them an email on Friday, and would encourage you to do the same.

Time to sue Google?

Yep – so says Rusty over at The Jawa Report.  He, like the members of the Free Republic Smackdown Crew, have had enough.  While Google/YouTube are still helping our enemies spread their propaganda to the masses at no charge, those same enemies are killing our military members with boots on the ground. At what point does this become treason?

And then there’s the company who has listed the Taliban’s official site, The Voice of Jihad, as a proxy domain holder. That company is Active Domians and is based in Portland, OR. Maybe they don’t know what they’ve got there. Maybe we should let them know.

Their TOS state:

By registering a name or applying for services you also represent that the statements in its application are true and you also represent that the Domain Name is not being registered for any unlawful purpose.

I think they’d like to know, don’t you, that they are helping the Taliban? The only contact listed on the domain registration information is this: Let’s give it a shot, shall we?

Rusty’s also got some other homework for you, too.

Like I said before, Rusty’s had enough:

If you or your loved ones have been killed or injured in Iraq, Afghanistan, or in the recent Fort Hood shootings let me know. It’s time to sue Google. They help spread the propaganda that inspires the jihadis, including Nidal Hasan.

Also, if you are in the military and may soon be deployed to Afghanistan or Iraq you also might have standing in such a lawsuit.

I’m serious about this. Email me at the contact link above and just ignore the snarky and condescending emailing instructions left by me.

You can contact him here.

YouTube: Recruiting tool for the enemy

Celebrimbor over at Quoth The Raven has an excellent post. He says

we are at war against the political ideology of islamisim, and YouTube is used to recruit fighters to bring the glories of sharia to the west. Would we have allowed the fascists to recruit fighters to bring the glories of nazisim to our shores? No we wouldn’t. Further, an American company that facilitated the radicalization of German youth would likely find themselves in deep trouble.

Check out his post on recommendations for what to do about it. And then JUST DO IT!!

Sudden Jihad Syndrome

From Jeff Head – documenting instances of “Sudden Jihad Syndrome” in the U.S.  SJS is defined by Jeff as:

Sudden Jihad Sundrome is individual or small, un-attached groups of radicalized Islamics who decide to carry out Jihad, or Holy War, against those amongst whom they live. It usually involves a single person, but may include small groups, who are radicalized in their Mosques, their readings, their conversations, or otherwise, and who then decide on their own to wage war against those whom they live amongst.

Worth checking out!

Google: helping make terrorist dreams come true

Talk about your tangled webs!  When you start looking at the online terrorist community you can get lost in a never ending circle.  Here’s the journey I took today – starting where else?  YouTube, the terrorists dream come true.  Let’s  take a trip, shall we?


Isn’t that sweet?  An old man strapped with a suicide belt.
This video is apparently so good it has 2 sequels:


In part 3 there we see
the suicide terrorist waving goodbye from a car that’s driving away,
and then later in part 3 – BOOM!  He blows himself to hell.

In case you’re wondering what the Arabic says at the top of the video,
here’s a rough translation:

In the decription of this
video, here’s what the poster,

One portion of this
translated to English says:

How special!  To incite the believers!  Isn’t that the same as “inciting
violence,” considering that the whole video is about a suicide
terrorist blowing himself up?

So I decided to check out the link from the description.

Lovely stuff there…

So look at the top choice in this forum:

WOW!  A “dream that became a reality.”

Had to check that one out…

This list is links of videos to download…some are teaching videos, others
include martyrdom operations, IED attacks, ambushes, firefights, rocket
attacks, snipers, kidnapping…you name it!  If it’s a terrorist activity,
they’ve got it.

Being the naturally curious person that I am, I clicked a link….

Same list as from the terrorist website above!

I decided to check out the Afghanistan/Martyrdom Operations link…

The most recent post was from November 3rd.

Hey look — this looks vaguely familiar…

And it’s pretty long and you can download it here…

So someone took this video, or elements from it, and edited it into the 3 videos which I
saw at YouTube.  (YouTube has a 10 minute limit on uploaded videos and apparently
they DO enforce THAT rule.)

So who is this Global Islamic Media Front mentioned at YouTube in the poster’s description of his video?
Well, according to Global Jihad,


Global Islamic Media Front – GIMF, is the European propaganda arm in support of Al Qaeda and other radical Islamic organizations. Global Islamic Media Front is formed from Muslims living in Europe, especially in Germany and Austria and, probably, as a response to USA invasion to Iraq in 03/2003.


And not only that, but:

On 09/12/2007 the Austrian police arrested members of the group in Vienna (see – German Media-cell). Two more suspects were arrested in Germany, on 11/28/2008.

Eventually Global Islamic Media Front – GIMF was an enterprise of [a] few Muslims living mainly in Germany and Austria, who used the power of the web in a sophisticated manner.

So apparently the rest of the world sees GIMF as a bunch of pretty bad dudes.  Rusty and Howie over at The Jawa Report have been all over these guys for a LONG time saying  “they constitute the largest pro-al Qaeda propagandist organization in the West.”  Back in 2007, when that post was written, GIMF’s
website was hosted at  At this point, according to links at the Jihad Archive site, they are now hosted at   Anyone want to hazard a guess who owns blogspot?

Gerald at the Internet Anthropologist Think Tank explains why this is so important and why we should care that Google/YouTube/Blogspot are providing free services to terrorists:


They keep seeding their lies, falshoods and propaganda in the media and no one is responding to their poision they spread thru the Internet.



That’s a darn good question.  Germany and Austria were smart enough to jail some of the members of this terrorist organization.  We’re not even smart enough to keep them from using the free U.S.-based
internet services of Google (YouTube, Blogspot.)  Google:  Making more “dreams become a reality” for the terrorists.


God help us!

YouTube’s Complicity in Terrorism

So yesterday we learned that Major Hasan was hanging out with an 18-year-old self-radicalized “jihad hobbyist.”  According to the expert Jarret Bachman, these kids start out with lighter fare and progressively seek out increasingly violent and angry rhetoric.  When one seeker was looking on YouTube for martyrdom videos, they were directed to “look around online in the jihadi blogs.”   The internet and the videos available on YouTube and elsewhere are a part of the process for these would-be terrorists.  Thanks YouTube – aren’t you proud?

In looking through videos the other day, I stumbled upon this one

So what’s in the video anyway?

Nice hooded terrorist dude.  Lovely Al-Qaeda symbol in the upper right.  And oooh!  Look!  Showing how to put missles together?  (Someone with more weaponry expertise than me would probably be able to tell us precisely what’s happening here.)

Below the video, I decided to click on the “Statistics” tab and this is what I saw…

And look where it’s popular — and with whom!

Here’s the video description posted by the uploader (Iused Google to translate it to English):

Oh lovely!  A Hamas jihad video.  One of the commenters on the video really liked it…

So, you may ask, what are these websites that this video is linked from anyway?  Well, this is one of them…majahdinar .com…

And here’s alaqsagate .net….

I looked around there for a little bit and found this post (translated to English):

There were several locations where the video could be uploaded, and then one evangelistic soul posted this in the comments:

Isn’t that special?  So I decided to look at another one of the sites – ansarnet. info.

Here’s the kind of fare available to the people who read this forum:

“united islamic jihad” posts a host of “reports” of operations.  Most are probably made up.

Another of the linked sites is http://

Looking through the thread – yep – places to download the video:

And hey – another evangelist!

That link leads to this video – note that the name of the poster on the terrorist website is similar to the name of the poster at YouTube, and the Statistics tab reveals links yet another terrorist website:

This is how it works people.  These videos are used to hype up the masses and get them angry and ready for violent murderous acts.  According to the expert in the story mentioned above, the only thing missing is the human touch.  The radical imams will take care of that though.Rusty over at the Jawa Report says:

The point of all this is that jihadis do not exist in a vacuum on their own. They feed off each other, giving each other support, send each other propaganda which reinforces their radicalism, and they egg each other on to transition from what Jarret Brachman calls “jihobbyist” to becoming terrorists.

So when is YouTube going to be held responsible for their part in this process?  Time for them to man up if you ask me.

YouTube: A terrorist’s desimination and recruiting tool

In the last post I put up, I showed you how the terrorists use the videos that they post at YouTube.  Now I’d like to show you what some of those videos are about.  I was surfing around terrorist websites and found this gem.  The site is Ansar al-Mujahideen, which is a website for the Mujahideen terrorists (as you might suspect from their name.)   Here are some screen caps of the page, with an anonymized link.  This video is produced by As-Sahab, the media wing of Al Qaeda.  Their logo is plainly visible in the lower right corner of the screen.

There are many, many places that these videos can be downloaded.  The idea is that people will download them and then upload them again to places like YouTube and LiveLeak.

The translation/description of the video is peppered with screen shots of the video, and the whole thing is available here on youtube.  As you can see, the full translation in English is right on the video itself.

If you look over in the sidebar to the right of the video, you will notice that this full video is five segments long – which is most likely due to youtube’s time restraint of 10 minutes per video.

Each of the segments discuss martyrdom and some specific martyrs.

If you skip to the 5th in the series this is the second scene:

The words on the screen are “Oh Allah, grant us martyrdom in this life and in death.”  As these are gun-toting jihadi terrorists, there is little doubt as to what this might mean (unless of course you’re the teleprompter in chief.)  In another scene the words are “Oh Allah, amplify your benevolence and your greatness on us by blessing us with martyrdom.”

The video goes on to show the site of some hirabist’s “martyrdom” (or in other words “jumping off point to hell.”)

At 1:59, we are treated to an imam calling for doctors to answer the call of jihad and go to the front lines to help heal the wounded Muj.  At 2:32 he says “oh healers of the Ummah, Advance! and remain in the state of readiness to fulfill the obligations!”

Back over at Ansarnet there’s this post, at the end of the thread with the download links and descriptions:


I guess someone answered the call.

There is no doubt that this series of five videos has no other reason to exist other than to encourage the faithful terrorists and to draw more to their cause.  Is this not inciting violence, which is against YouTube’s terms of service?  Why then do these videos stay on you tube’s servers?

Related topic:  FreeRepublic’s You Tube Smackdown on STRIKE!

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