In the last post I put up, I showed you how the terrorists use the videos that they post at YouTube.  Now I’d like to show you what some of those videos are about.  I was surfing around terrorist websites and found this gem.  The site is Ansar al-Mujahideen, which is a website for the Mujahideen terrorists (as you might suspect from their name.)   Here are some screen caps of the page, with an anonymized link.  This video is produced by As-Sahab, the media wing of Al Qaeda.  Their logo is plainly visible in the lower right corner of the screen.

There are many, many places that these videos can be downloaded.  The idea is that people will download them and then upload them again to places like YouTube and LiveLeak.

The translation/description of the video is peppered with screen shots of the video, and the whole thing is available here on youtube.  As you can see, the full translation in English is right on the video itself.

If you look over in the sidebar to the right of the video, you will notice that this full video is five segments long – which is most likely due to youtube’s time restraint of 10 minutes per video.

Each of the segments discuss martyrdom and some specific martyrs.

If you skip to the 5th in the series this is the second scene:

The words on the screen are “Oh Allah, grant us martyrdom in this life and in death.”  As these are gun-toting jihadi terrorists, there is little doubt as to what this might mean (unless of course you’re the teleprompter in chief.)  In another scene the words are “Oh Allah, amplify your benevolence and your greatness on us by blessing us with martyrdom.”

The video goes on to show the site of some hirabist’s “martyrdom” (or in other words “jumping off point to hell.”)

At 1:59, we are treated to an imam calling for doctors to answer the call of jihad and go to the front lines to help heal the wounded Muj.  At 2:32 he says “oh healers of the Ummah, Advance! and remain in the state of readiness to fulfill the obligations!”

Back over at Ansarnet there’s this post, at the end of the thread with the download links and descriptions:


I guess someone answered the call.

There is no doubt that this series of five videos has no other reason to exist other than to encourage the faithful terrorists and to draw more to their cause.  Is this not inciting violence, which is against YouTube’s terms of service?  Why then do these videos stay on you tube’s servers?

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