So yesterday we learned that Major Hasan was hanging out with an 18-year-old self-radicalized “jihad hobbyist.”  According to the expert Jarret Bachman, these kids start out with lighter fare and progressively seek out increasingly violent and angry rhetoric.  When one seeker was looking on YouTube for martyrdom videos, they were directed to “look around online in the jihadi blogs.”   The internet and the videos available on YouTube and elsewhere are a part of the process for these would-be terrorists.  Thanks YouTube – aren’t you proud?

In looking through videos the other day, I stumbled upon this one

So what’s in the video anyway?

Nice hooded terrorist dude.  Lovely Al-Qaeda symbol in the upper right.  And oooh!  Look!  Showing how to put missles together?  (Someone with more weaponry expertise than me would probably be able to tell us precisely what’s happening here.)

Below the video, I decided to click on the “Statistics” tab and this is what I saw…

And look where it’s popular — and with whom!

Here’s the video description posted by the uploader (Iused Google to translate it to English):

Oh lovely!  A Hamas jihad video.  One of the commenters on the video really liked it…

So, you may ask, what are these websites that this video is linked from anyway?  Well, this is one of them…majahdinar .com…

And here’s alaqsagate .net….

I looked around there for a little bit and found this post (translated to English):

There were several locations where the video could be uploaded, and then one evangelistic soul posted this in the comments:

Isn’t that special?  So I decided to look at another one of the sites – ansarnet. info.

Here’s the kind of fare available to the people who read this forum:

“united islamic jihad” posts a host of “reports” of operations.  Most are probably made up.

Another of the linked sites is http://

Looking through the thread – yep – places to download the video:

And hey – another evangelist!

That link leads to this video – note that the name of the poster on the terrorist website is similar to the name of the poster at YouTube, and the Statistics tab reveals links yet another terrorist website:

This is how it works people.  These videos are used to hype up the masses and get them angry and ready for violent murderous acts.  According to the expert in the story mentioned above, the only thing missing is the human touch.  The radical imams will take care of that though.Rusty over at the Jawa Report says:

The point of all this is that jihadis do not exist in a vacuum on their own. They feed off each other, giving each other support, send each other propaganda which reinforces their radicalism, and they egg each other on to transition from what Jarret Brachman calls “jihobbyist” to becoming terrorists.

So when is YouTube going to be held responsible for their part in this process?  Time for them to man up if you ask me.