I read a post over at Quoth the Raven this morning from Celebrimbor that got me thinking.  In it, he mentioned a Wall Street Journal piece by Daniel Henninger titled “Hasan, Not KSM, Is Our Real Problem.”  The quote that caught my eye when pointed out by Celebrimbor was this one:

For now this is the way it is: Future Hasans can get jacked up all day on kill-the-Americans Web sites, and we have to wait until they put in motion a conspiracy like Fort Dix or the Colorado jihadists. Or until they start shooting.

Over the past few posts I’ve been trying to show you how YouTube is aiding and abetting this process.  For the homegrown terrorists to get their fix, the material has to exist.  YouTube is a U.S. based company who’s free services are regularly used by terrorists to share videos and to make sure the English speaking world has access to their propaganda.  And it’s easy to get.  Just pop over to youtube.com and search “Hamas,” “Hezbollah,” “Al Qaida,” Al Qaeda” or any number of keywords and you’ll find literally pages upon pages of videos.  Here’s an example of how easy it would be to get “jacked up” on this stuff.  Let’s start at YouTube

Just another nice little terrorist video…and you’d think the tags that islamiqueresistance put in would be enough to automatically disqualify the video wouldn’t you?    A quick check of the Statistics under the video has it linked to a terrorist website, almotaqa.ps.  And look where the video appears to be popular — the US, and Canada, as well as other places.  This would tend to support the theory that the homegrown terrorists are getting “jacked up” on the terrorist material.

One of the commenters after the video (MUJAHIDEENP1STOL3RO) had this to say:

Isn’t that sweet?  MUJAHIDEENP1STOL3RO’s channel is loaded with Taliban/Mujahideen propaganda.  Don’t read his channel description unless you have a high tolerance for filthy language.  So you may be wondering what’s in this video anyway.  It’s a Nasheed — an Arabic song .  This one sings the praises of Hamas, as evidenced by the images.  There are scenes depicting an artist drawing pictures of some martyrs and little children learning about them and then carrying the pictures in a funeral procession mixed in with scenes of terrorists doing guerrilla-style military training and whatnot.

So I decided to check out the website where the video was linked and sure enough, there were youtube videos linked.

There was also another service that the terrorists were using to show their videos…

While the video was transferring so that I could watch it (oh joy!) I quickly copied the ip address:

and ran a domain name check.

Highwinds Network Goup — in Phoenix.  As a courtesy I sent them an email with a link to the terrorist website to inform them that their services were being used by terrorists to share propaganda.

So back to the terrorist site.  A couple of interesting posts — one poster named arabguy0 had posted several videos embedded from Highwinds.

At the end of them he had this to say….

“This was on youtube before those jews took it off” — why do this idiots always think it’s only the Jews who oppose them?
So anyway, I decided I would skip to the end of the 49 page thread and see what was new… Guess what I found?

On this last one, an enterprising poster wants to help get the English correct, because “it is important that you have good command of the English Language so that the english-speaking people of the world get your message.”

So I decided to head back to YouTube to see how hard it would be to find those videos that were embedded at the terrorist site.  Not difficult at all.  I just plugged the name into YouTube’s search box and wham!   Here are 3 examples:

There are so many questions about this.  If I can find this, why can’t YouTube?  When YouTube is notified, why do they leave the videos up?  Can they not use some sort of website blocker that has a list of website where they don’t permit their videos to be embedded?  Or how about those tags?  When a user tags their video with “Hamas,” “Al Qaida,” “alaqsa,” or “Mujahideen” as the one at the top of this post did, couldn’t that be a red flag to prevent uploading?   How many more homegrown terrorists will it take before YouTube takes action?  As Celebrimbor said,  “
Is YouTube responsible for Ft. Hood? No, but YouTube is a major source of kill-the-Americans propaganda and is the gateway drug to more violent jihad websites.”

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