There’s a lovely new video out called “The Mujahideen Don’t Target Muslims.”  Yeah,
right, whatever you say Adam.)   It’s put out by the terrorists over at As-Sahab (the media wing of Al Qaeda, in case you didn’t know) but that doesn’t stop YouTube from hosting it so that it can be embedded free of charge for all the little jihadis all over the world to get jacked up about.   On December 16, Ronin called for a little YouTube Smackdown and so of course I had to check it out.  One of the posts he had was from a YouTuber named wafathunqareeb – it turns out he has uploaded the 3-part series by the US-born Taliban traitor Adam Gadahn about the Muj not targeting muslims.  He also has a couple other videos, and the one that caught my eye was titled “US & Allies Are Loosing War  in Afghanistan & Iraq.”

The video is full of images of wounded coalition troops, burned out vehicles and other scenes of war — I took some screen caps, but I don’t want to post them.  You’ll notice that across the top of the screen it says “This video may not be suitable for minors.”   This is proof positive that someone at YouTube has been notified of this videos existence and yet deemed it within the TOS of YouTube.  And it may not be “suitable for minors,” but look who it is most popular with….

When I looked at the statistics for this video, I saw a bunch of interesting links.  It looks like the guy has multiple websites.

I decided to check them out (of course) and share my findings with you.   The first stop was the YouTuber’s own site – it appears that there are two and that they are virtually a mirror of one another.   Oh — and all rights are reserved to Muslims. Mmmm-kay….

Here he’s embedded the American Traitor Adam Gadahn video from Ronin’s post….

And the one that caught my eye…

The videos are followed by all kinds of “news” stories about Mujahideen operations, etc.

There was a link at the top of the page to his (?) blog….

Yes, I clicked.

This text was over in the sidebar section….

And this was the first post on the site…

This is a statement from the Taliban which can be found at many terrorist sites all around the ‘net.   It’s posted on the guy’s blog — the same blog to which YouTube is supplying free internet services.  Ronin took this one apart pretty handily over at Jawas:

OK. So
fasiq Mujahid, was he killed point blank or tortured mercilessly
to death? One sound(s) quick and the other sounds long. Please get back

Thanks. Also, Haji Badshah Khan, was that the same Badshah Khan from Bak
who is an Afghan warlord and has fought the Taliban in the past?

There’s more at the link.

But that’s not all — there are several other stories posted…

So who are the “reporters” here anyway?  I decided to check them out…

One of the videos at this terrorist blog was named “Suicide Operation of Shahada – Shaykh Al-Albani.”  There were English subtitles, so I figured that this video was made for an English speaking audience.

Here was the message presented on the video, in case you’re curious like I was…

operations or Shahada

Shaykh Al-Albani

Questioner – In modern warfare there is something called commandos or
suicide groups

Shaykh – Yes.

(Questioner)  There could be enemy forces that cause harm to
the muslims

Therefore they setup a commando group of suicide group that place bombs

And they blow up the enemy tanks, what is the rulling (sic) of this and
is it suicide?

(Shaykh) No, suicide is when you kill yourself to get rid of your
terrible life

But what you are asking about is not suicide

In fact it is Jihad in the way of Allah

You must take note here

That this must not be done out of your own accord

This should be done by the order of the army general

…If the general is able to scarifice this soldier

And he sees that this action will kill many of the disbelievers

Then the final word is to him and you must obey him

Even if you dont (sic) want to, you must obey the order

(Questioner) – There is no harm?

(Shaykh) – No harm.

Because we don’t call this suicide

Suicide is one of the biggest forbidden actions in Islam

No one commits it except that they are angry with their lord, denying
Allah’s fate for him.

We seek refuge in Allah

But the soldier he is similar to the salaf that used to attack

A large group of disbelievers

With nothing but his sword untill (sic) death meets him.

And he is patient and firm because he believes that he is looking for

There is a great difference between who dies in this Jihadi way

And who commits suicide to rid himself of his life,

Or if a person did it out of his own accord

Because this goes under throwing oneself in destruction.

If the army general knows the battlefield and its reality

And all the affecting factors

Then this is an action which is encouraged.

This particular video has been around, it appears.   Some very interesting sites are using YouTube’s free hosting services to share it.  And again, look who this video appeals to.

is quite an interesting site.  Mujahideen operations reports, videos, martyrdom operation reports, statements from the Taliban – you name it, they’ve got it.

So how about another forum — Islamic Awakening sounds, um, intriguing.

Muslim4life101 asks a quesiton about suicide attacks and if they are legit, and it’s immediately followed up by a responder who posts the Al-Albani video.

On a positive note, it appears that the other site that had linked to the video has closed up shop — possibly PWND?  We can only hope.

And of course I had to click the facebook links to see what I could see. Too bad I can’t see in what context this guy posted the video, but  like it says, I (or any terrorist in the making) could “Send Khalid a Message” and ask him, just  like anyone can at YouTube. We have heard that the five Americans Jihadi wannabees who were detained in Pakistan met on YouTube and communicated both at YouTube and at Facebook.   The videos that were hosted at YouTube were part of the recipe that encouraged their radicalization.

How long will it be before YouTube takes responsibility for what it’s helping to do to our country?   It would probably help if we didn’t have a President who is more worried about reaching out to the young men than prosecuting them, but that’s most
likely above his pay grade.  Meanwhile terrorists continue to use free services of YouTube, Facebook, and other social networks hosted in the United States in order to wage war on our country and kill our countrymen who are trying to free the common people from the stranglehold of terrorism.  YouTube needs to get a clue.  Or a lawsuit.


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