DO NOT click the link unless you are prepared for a grusome sight.

At 2:29 there are assassinations of two people.  Point
blank with a military rifle.  There is no doubt as to what
you’re seeing.  Yes this video has been flagged.  Yes
it’s still up.  At 2:57 there is a head that’s been removed
from it’s body.  YouTube has been notified.  The
video remains.  Yeah, sure, YouTube counts on the users to
police the site.  What youTube fails to mention whenever the
topic comes up is that they ignore the police.  Even CNN
has noticed
the connection between YouTube and the

Howie at The Jawa Report had this to say:

Next disturbing thing is that Obama’s Secretary for Homeland
Security, Janet Napolitano, basically throws up her hands and says,
“There is no magic bullet”.

Look Janet, three girls
and a few of us guys can create Youtube
and remove tens of thousands of Jihadi videos from

So we can catch these in a
day or less, yet Youtube and Homeland
Security are helpless in the face of a known terrorist user who simply
ads three digits to his name each time he returns?

Go read Howie’s post if you have time — it’s a good one.