Jawas has a very damning post up this morning –

CAIR and media’s “star witnesses” in Rifqa Bary case (Brian Smith, Tom Sanchez and Jeff Parker) facing embezzlement, mail tampering and illegal wiretapping charges

And surprise (!), the CAIR attorney in the case, Omar Tarazi, is directly complicit in their crimes and is facing criminal charges and bar sanctions as well.

Yesterday, the Orlando Sentinel published the second article in the past week disclosing alleged recorded conversations between the current Global Revolution Church officials, Brian Smith, Tom Sanchez and Jeff Parker (aka the “Judas Three”) and the former pastors of the church, Blake and Beverly Lorenz. The Judas Three have submitted affidavits through Tarazi with the Ohio court. The conversations were recorded illegally, as Florida law requires all parties being taped to be notified they are being recorded. A criminal complaint for their illegal wiretapping has already been filed with the Orlando Police Department.

Now here’s what the Columbus Dispatch and Orlando Sentinel conveniently forgot to report about their supposed “star witnesses” in the case.

Details are all at Jawas.  The point is that the media, by omission, is leading people to believe one side of the story.  And guess which side that is?  Bunch of America-hating jerks.  And they want us to trust them?  They’d like to see Rifqa delivered back to her abusive family so that she can be summarily disposed of for exercising her free will and choosing a religion that happens not to be the religion of her abusive family.  (Did I mention that they are abusive?)

Last time I checked, freedom of religion is guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.  I don’t recall seeing an age limit.

While I will temper my statements by saying that there is (and should be) such a thing as parent’s rights, parents who misuse those “rights” to abuse their children forfeit those rights.  This is a case where PC (not calling a spade a spade  — or an abusive Muslim family what they are!) LITERALLY has a possibility of killing someone.

h/t to Jawas, AtlasShrugs, JihadWatch