“The world is wrong side up. It needs to be turned upside down in order to be right side up.”   –Billy Sunday

There couldn’t be a more true statement made about what I’ve been seeing on the internet of late.  YouTube allows terrorists sympathizers (or worse) to use YouTube servers to host videos that the terrorists then post links for downloading or
embed on their websites

Many of the terrorist blogs and websites are on blogspot.com, a Google owned hosting service.  Facebook allows all manner of anti-Semitic groups to exist.

There’s even a LOVELY group called  “F*ck The Troops” [group title editing mine].   Even after being reported multiple times, it’s still up.

Then you’d think a group called “Support Our Troops!” would be safe, right?  Not really.

A friend of mine found that group and had the following conversation:

For confronting this twisted evil, my friend was given the following warning:

It was also delivered to my friend’s email address:

The fact that a terrorist or terrorist sympathizer attempts to use any or all of these services is to be expected.  What is mind-boggling is that when each of these entities is
notified of the fact that they are providing free services to terrorists, or that they are hosting content which calls for violence against specified groups, the entities have thumbed their collective noses at the person bringing the complaint, ignored  their own terms of service, permitted the activity to continue, and even threatened the accuser.  Yippee! They can be so proud of the contributions they are making to society.

Meanwhile, we’ll continue to report these anti-American, anti-Semitic, terrorist sympathizing Facebook pages whenever we see them – and I hope you’ll join in and take a stand with us.


Backstory reading:  Abu Fatima at The Jawa Report put up a post about the F the Troops group on January 23.

Also posted at Free Republic.