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Taliban Rape Porn

Disgusting pigs. Taliban “doctor” rapes young girls on video tape. They thought all copies were destroyed, but some have survived. If you support the Taliban, this is what you’re supporting. The Jawa Report has it all in a post from Brad Thor. You can read the description, and the video is available. Don’t watch unless you have a VERY strong stomach. I really don’t have words for how absolutely disgusted I am.

Another one bites the dust…

WordPress is awesome!

Is now showing as

Backstory here

Thanks for the help, Jawas, Freepers and Tweeters!!

Rock on!

Now if only YouTube would be so responsive!


Remember Azzam Al Qitall? (

Alas, he no longer resides on WordPress.  Poor widdle Azzam.

Cue my tiny violin….


YouTube Continues to Carry Water for the Terrorists

So, a friend sent a link to this blog, which by their own admission is a mirror site of a terrorist site, put up, on purpose, so that when/if the original site gets deleted or removed (which apparently has happened before — and correctly so!) the terrorist BS can be re-uploaded more easily.

Of course there are YouTube videos embedded on the site alongside “news reports.”

I randomly chose one and clicked on it, then clicked through to view it at YouTube.  It was part 1 of 3 of a BinLaden diatribe from June of 2009.  And look who’s linked or embedded it  — all manner of terrorist websites!  What a surprise…NOT!

Once again, terrorists are being aided and abetted in their recruiting by good ol’ YouTube.  There are some who think that these sites should be left alone for intel gathering purposes, but Internet Anthropologist has an excellent post explaining why this lofty idea is not so good.  And it seems that the current administration has no serious interest in fighting the infowar — Janet Napolitano “basically throws up her hands and says, “There is no magic bullet”. So we everyday citizens are left to do the job that our government won’t or can’t or just plain old doesn’t want to.  That’s ok.  Whatever we can do to lighten the load on the real heroes of this country,  we’ll do.  Flag videos at YouTube, file a complaint with WordPress, report a terrorist loving group at Facebook.  These are things you can do to help.  At some point maybe Ms. Napolitano will pitch in and help.

Highwinds followed through

I checked on the progress today….

Poor widdle heinrish will not be pleased!  He’ll have to take it out on his goat.  Poor goat!

Small victory, but a victory nonetheless!

For the backstory,  read these:

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Forgive us while we laugh mirthlessly…

So the American Taliban traitor Adam Gadahn says that the muj don’t target muslims.    Yeah….right….

LINK courtesy of Internet Anthropologist, who has a great piece regarding 400 Secret REAL Islamic Muhaheddin Martyrs.

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