Hat Tip to Ronin and Andrea for making me aware of these cockroaches.

Found:  2 cockroach websites…first, YouTubeJihad….

Note the cast of characters:  (More on them later.)

Nice blogroll — and it goes on much further.

Anwar Al-Awlaki will come in handy for my complaint.

Of course, the videos posted on the site are hosted by who else?  YouTube.  The Taliban’s video hosting site of choice.

Ahhh — here’s a nice, peaceful video:

Which leads to the other blog in question, mujahidblog.

This little terrorist supporting blog showcases videos such as this:

So, like any good citizen and user of WordPress’ services, I chose to let them know.

WordPress has always been very quick to remove this type of content when notified.  I have no reason to believe it won’t be that way this time.  Feel free to file a complaint with abuse@wordpress.com yourselves.  And while you’re at it, stomp a few more cockroaches


Update: The cockroaches must be afraid of the spotlight headed their way.  They both started recruiting for their master, RevolutionMuslim, today.