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Images of Mohammed Archive

Wow – just WOW!  Saw this originally at Jawas, and went to PajamasMedia to see it for myself.

What mystifies me is the Islamic fundamentalists’ unaccountable obsession with television and newspapers: It is only when Mohammed appears on a TV screen or is printed in a newspaper that the extremists go berserk. But when he appears elsewhere, such as in museums, books, or the Internet — all of which feature innumerable portraits of Mohammed on essentially a permanent basis — there is a general silence. But why? Why does it cause a cultural explosion when a simplistic drawing of Mohammed appears on a TV screen, when anybody can walk into a museum, or open a book, or simply turn on a computer, and see hundreds upon hundreds of Mohammed portraits whenever they want?

I think the answer is simple: Neither the Islamic extremists nor the general public are aware of just how commonplace and numerous Mohammed depictions really are.

The author goes on to explain how their Mohammed Image Archive was born and then has the following offer:

If anybody reading this wants to create a “mirror” version of the Archive (that is, an exact duplicate site, but posted to a different domain), you have my full permission to do so. The purpose behind the Archive is not to jealously guard its exclusivity, but rather to forever preserve and promulgate Mohammed-related artwork; and if the hackers ever succeed in knocking my site offline, I want there to be as many mirror sites as possible. Currently there are nine mirrors (listed at the bottom of the Archive’s front page), but they’re all long out of date, so any additional mirrors would be welcome. And if you send me the link to your mirror, I’ll add it to the list.

So if anyone out there can help them out,  head on over to the PajamasMedia article and find out how.

Zach’s Twitter Fan Club

They sure do luv him!

From around the ‘net…

Zach is Jewish?  Ha!  Funny thought.

And well, I haven’t had time to vet this information, so I’m just linking it here in case anyone has time to dig into it — I don’t have the time right now.   I may be able to get back to it later.  There is some evidence that points to Zach running in the same circles as Syed Hashmi, the convicted terrorist.  Zach’s beard is way uglier though.  I’d love to ask Umm Talhah how she can stand that nasty thing.

Meet Umm Talhah

So this is the “face” of the girl who would marry Zach and move in with his mom?

In September 2007,  Urban Infidel attended a  parade of radical muslims in New York city and posted several photographs from the event.

At 10:28 pm, a poster calling herself Umm Talhah posted and said:

“I am the woman in the first picture. I run therealmuslimwoman. I asked for no pictures, but who listens? The anti- Islamists there were redicoulous, like this website!”

No sweetheart, the redicoulous (sic) one is you and your weirdo cohorts  – walking around in black bed sheets with only your eyes showing.  If it were white and pointy, you couldn’t be a more bigoted freak.  But then maybe you were trying to impress Zach – Lord knows he’s worth it!  Ha ha!

For some unknown reason her website went bye-bye, but then we find here that it’s been merged with another called “Moderate Muslim Refutations.”  Abu Talhah (aka Zachary Chesser) posted that this site was then moved to, which, surprise!  has been removed for TOS violations.  Yay Zach!  Everything you touch turns to crap!

Update:  Zachie boy confirms that this is his wife here:

Now Zach’s gone and done it for sure!

Even Perez Hilton is pizzed!!!

While we understand the network’s decision was an effort to protect Matt and Trey, was it really the best idea to give into these despicable threats? It’ll only add fuel to their extremist fire.

Oh nooooooooooes!

Zach does too live with momma. Neener neener!

Reportedly He-who-wishes-gain-fame-by-threatening-South-Park-Creators Zach has been trying to clean up his image around the net by claiming that he does not live with momma.

Unnamed sources have, however, confirmed that this is a lie (taqiyah much?).  Hey Zach – dude – man up.  We know where your mail is delivered.

Looking for a link to his claims now.

Update: no link needed — he (or one of his apologists) has posted it here. in the comments to this post.  Other postings by the same poster can be seen by clicking here.


It appears that FoxNews is now saying that Zackie boy doesn’t live with mommy.  (Do note that this statement is from him momma — and I wouldn’t want anyone to think he lived with me either if I were her.)

[UPDATE: In the original publication of this article on April 23, it was reported that Chesser lives with his mother, brother, wife and son in Centreville. Chesser’s mother, Barbara Chesser, says her son, daughter-in-law and grandson live in another town in Fairfax County. She says that her son has not lived with her since August 2008 and that her daughter-in-law and grandson have never lived with her.]

I find it absolutely hysterical that truthbenntold2u was so worked up about THAT (see the comments on this post) when the brat is running around “warning” people that they are gonna die for drawing a picture of big Mo.  What a joke you are!  Have you contacted your buddy Zackie boy to tell him he shouldn’t be posting threats on the internet?

As my source is NOT FoxNews, I do stand by the statement that I know where he lives.  I have not posted that address, and have no plans to do so.  Not that that should really matter to anyone since he had no qualms about posting the address of the men he was “warning.”

YouTube Smackdown progress

In other news… On May 15, YouTube Smackdown came back from several months “on strike” after becoming fed up with YouTube’s extremely passive role in removing (or not removing, to be more precise) terrorist propaganda videos when said videos were flagged per YouTube’s own policies of community policing.

Today I pulled together the figures to see how many videos had been removed.  We have not been keeping track of individual videos, just the users suspended and how many videos went down when they did.  In just a month and a half, 5,474 videos have come down with the 51 terrorist users that have been suspended.

It remains to be seen whether they will take on the RevolutionMuslim accounts, of which there are several.

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