YouTube’s selective enforcement of it’s policies is been very well documented at The International Free Press Society – definitely go read the whole thing with screenshots and documentation, but here’s the gist…

Youtube has now suspended access to me to my account because of two videos, both of which merely point out the hate speech of others, and while one one of them is still actually playing on youtube in the original language, and intent.

To be more clear, one of the videos which caused the suspension of access, was a Dutch language Rap video about killing Jews and so on. That video remains on youtube with no issues. However when I subtitled it in English so people could be aware of this, it caused a strike on my account.

So gee, YouTube, would you care to explain that little bit of bias?  They can holler kill kafir at the top of their lungs — provided it’s done in Arabic so only the terrorists can understand what they’re saying, but God (not Allah) forbid that we translate what they are saying to English because, well, that’s offensive?  Give me a freaking break.  Either what they say is offensive, or it isn’t.  But hey, what more could we expect from this culture of violence that’s hosted at YouTube.

h/t to RW