Our little wannabe terrorist friend Zach from over at themujahidblog and revolutionmuslim is getting a little big for his britches. What is it with these idiots who make death threats because of cartoons, for crying out loud? Oh wait – it wasn’t a threat, it was a warning, right Zach? Semantics. When you put up a picture of Theo Van Gogh’s murder scene and ask if Matt Stone and Trey Parker (the creators of South Park) remember that, you are issuing a threat.

For the record, here’s the cartoon….

Here’s the threat…er….warning:

To Zach — hey, you mental midget, a cartoon is entertainment and the very fact that you are threatening death to it’s makers completely confirms the point of the cartoon! Irony much? That backpack you carried around GMU must have been just another prop.

The face of a terrorist? Maybe. More likely a traitor. But more than that it’s the face of a spoiled brat American kid who is gaming the system.


The Jawa Report has a bunch more.

H/T to Celebrimbor who found this yesterday, but none of use got around to checking it out and posting about it until today. You rock, dude!