From the Daily Mail online….

More than 40,000 people have signed up to a Facebook campaign supporting Royal Marine Sergeant Mark Leader, who was sacked after assaulting an Afghan prisoner with a Wellington boot.

So what was the nature of the assault?  According to the Facebook group, he threw a Wellington boot at the guy.  Oh. My. Goodness!  A Wellington boot?  Ok, the terrorist was PLANTING A FREAKING IED!  And you’re worried that one of the good guys threw a boot at him?  Here’s what the Facebook group page says:

Royal Marine Commando Sgt. Mark Leader has been sacked for throwing a wellington boot at a taliban terrorist found burying an IED just 50 metres from base , after 18 years of top quality military service five times decorated with campaign medals , he had witnessed his best friend and two other mates blown up by an IED just prior to this . He has lost his job and pension…this is disgusting and another example of one rule for us and another for the taliban…lets get justice for this fine Royal Marine and not for the Taliban….

This group is for people who dislike the fact that every Religous or Political Group seem to be treated better than Our Brave Troops

The comments on the facebook page range from anger to disgust.  Understandably so.  If you’re a facebooker, I recommend that you join the group and if you are so inclined, sign the petition.  Our Haditha Marines can empathize with Sgt. Leader.  What an insane, idiotic world we live in when the very people who protect and defend us — who have signed their very lives to do so — are thrown to the dogs for it.  Disgusting!

Oh – and at last count, the Facebook group has over 48,500 members.

H/T Opus Rex.