I have been reading around the ‘net, and the comments posted toward this maroon in stories about him have me saying everything from “Oorah!” to literally laughing out loud.  Here’s a smattering…

From bigjournalism….

nolotrippen says

Nothing strikes terror into my heart as much as Cat Stevens impersonators wearing macrame shower caps.

di_da_is_alpha says:

I have to warn Zack Chesser that what he is doing is stupid and he will probably end up like Jimmy Hoffa if anything happens to Matt or Trey. Got that Zack, or Ali Booboo Yamma Parakeet or whatever it is you call yourself ?

and from jamesb:

THAT SILLY LOOKING PUNK backed off Comedy Central? That scrawny, furry, POSER CLOWN?

You have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! He looks like he’s flunking “Music Appreciation” at Grab Ass Community College.

He’s the BIG TOUGH Jihadist? (what’s the site called?) Shave-the-ass/face-of-the-IslamicRevolution.com?


He should be working at the carwash hosing off greasy engines and getting drunk in the woods on Friday night.

Jihadist? LOL!!! I like to “jihad” his stupid looking ass all over the parking lot, then wipe bacon grease on his face. Geez.

From althouse

Titus says:

This ignorant, weak man boy needs to receive his punishment.

Liberals do not like Radical Muzzies FYI.

David says:

He was a loser before. This is just the current guise of his loserdom. That’s why it’s a mockery. He’s making a fashion statement.

The radical Muslim from Centerville. I can virtually assure you that this guy does not know shit about Islam.

But shame on us and particularly Comedy Central for letting this guy get 15 minutes of fame.

And at HuffPo, former writing home of Linda G. Richard who jumped the shark and went to RevolutionMuslim (where she proceeded to very vocally defend Colleen LaRosa aka Jihad Jane)….

puppymama says:

Don’t Ef with my prophets Trey and Matt.

do44oer says:

Why is blogspot continuing to operate and facilitate a terrorist blog?   (Good question!)

PackCat says:

Is that one of the virgins, or is he impersonating a Catholic Priest?

So from what I am seeing, the consensus even among the not-so-conservative sites seems to be that Zachary Adam Chesser is a loser, 1st class.  (I’m still laughing at the post calling him a Cat Stevens impersonator!  HA HA!)  Thanks for the laughs, Zac!

The other consensus seems to be that Comedy Central made a grave error in letting this little goat-bearded twit dictate what they will or will not post.  Moderate muslims, such as the few who have posted here at my blog, are even upset over that.  Of course, in Zach’s pretend brand of Islam, he believes the moderate muslim is no better than a kaffir.  So it’s really in their best interest to squash this way of thinking while they still can.  Here’s hoping that they can be heard.