So this is the “face” of the girl who would marry Zach and move in with his mom?

In September 2007,  Urban Infidel attended a  parade of radical muslims in New York city and posted several photographs from the event.

At 10:28 pm, a poster calling herself Umm Talhah posted and said:

“I am the woman in the first picture. I run therealmuslimwoman. I asked for no pictures, but who listens? The anti- Islamists there were redicoulous, like this website!”

No sweetheart, the redicoulous (sic) one is you and your weirdo cohorts  – walking around in black bed sheets with only your eyes showing.  If it were white and pointy, you couldn’t be a more bigoted freak.  But then maybe you were trying to impress Zach – Lord knows he’s worth it!  Ha ha!

For some unknown reason her website went bye-bye, but then we find here that it’s been merged with another called “Moderate Muslim Refutations.”  Abu Talhah (aka Zachary Chesser) posted that this site was then moved to, which, surprise!  has been removed for TOS violations.  Yay Zach!  Everything you touch turns to crap!

Update:  Zachie boy confirms that this is his wife here: