Wow – just WOW!  Saw this originally at Jawas, and went to PajamasMedia to see it for myself.

What mystifies me is the Islamic fundamentalists’ unaccountable obsession with television and newspapers: It is only when Mohammed appears on a TV screen or is printed in a newspaper that the extremists go berserk. But when he appears elsewhere, such as in museums, books, or the Internet — all of which feature innumerable portraits of Mohammed on essentially a permanent basis — there is a general silence. But why? Why does it cause a cultural explosion when a simplistic drawing of Mohammed appears on a TV screen, when anybody can walk into a museum, or open a book, or simply turn on a computer, and see hundreds upon hundreds of Mohammed portraits whenever they want?

I think the answer is simple: Neither the Islamic extremists nor the general public are aware of just how commonplace and numerous Mohammed depictions really are.

The author goes on to explain how their Mohammed Image Archive was born and then has the following offer:

If anybody reading this wants to create a “mirror” version of the Archive (that is, an exact duplicate site, but posted to a different domain), you have my full permission to do so. The purpose behind the Archive is not to jealously guard its exclusivity, but rather to forever preserve and promulgate Mohammed-related artwork; and if the hackers ever succeed in knocking my site offline, I want there to be as many mirror sites as possible. Currently there are nine mirrors (listed at the bottom of the Archive’s front page), but they’re all long out of date, so any additional mirrors would be welcome. And if you send me the link to your mirror, I’ll add it to the list.

So if anyone out there can help them out,  head on over to the PajamasMedia article and find out how.