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Thunderf00t — May 19, 2010 — DL at

Draw Mohammad Day on facebook at:

Idiots guide to drawing Mo at:

Back in 2005 the Muslim world went off the deep end over half a dozen cartoons.

The rampaging mobs had a distinct chilling effect on free speech.

However since then there has been a growing dissent at the abysmal precedent this sets in self censoring yourself simply because some psychos issue a few death threats.

This recently came to a head with the South Park incident where again some Muslims tried the same old game of issuing death threats. This time however it wasn’t going to happen. This time people had had enough. Draw Muhammad (Mohammad?) day was born.

To do my part to support this I did my best to defiantly show that if they wanted to take away my free speech it was going to take more than death threats.

Yet no backlash came. The youtube videos chalked up the best part of a million hits…. and no backlash. The facebook site gains some 40k members, who have already some 2000 images on the draw mohammad site, and still no angry mobs.

Yeah its clear what the score is here. Death threats are only played when they think they can get away with it. Of all the cheap opportunistic cowards.

Well fine… the original schedule goes ahead.
20th May 2010…. The first Annual Draw Muhammad Day.

The bottom line is that if Islam cannot learn to coexist with free speech, then it cannot coexist with the West.