I had the pleasure *cough* of watching the President’s helicopter fly by the track where my hubby was riding his motorcycle. Some pretty heavy storms blew through and I heard later that those same storms had postponed the TOTUS’ Memorial Day speech at Lincoln National Cemetery.

From USA Today:

A massive thunder-and-lightning storm opened up just as Obama was set to deliver a traditional Memorial Day speech at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery near Chicago.

“A little bit of rain doesn’t hurt anybody, but we don’t want anybody struck by lightning,” said Obama — umbrella in hand — in urging crowd members to retreat to their cars.

The president had to scrap his speech, opting instead to visit with military families — but not before another setback during a motorcade ride, as described by pool reporter Anne Kornblut of The Washington Post:

At about 1:30 PM, the presidential motorcade screeched to a halt on I-55. One of the SUVs had blown a tire. The occupants got out and into another car, we’re told.

Yes, it’s that kind of day.

Later, Obama’s motorcade headed to the airport for the flight back to Washington.

As Air Force One revved up, Anne reported to her fellow correspondents that, “of course, now that he is about to leave, the rain has stopped and the sun is finally shining through.”

(Posted by David Jackson)

Apparently God wasn’t too pleased that TOTUS decided to abandon Arlington either. When I heard the audio clip of him telling the crowd that they were asking people to take shelter because they were “concerned about the lightning” I told hubby that if I was him I’d have been concerned about it, too! >:-(