So here I thought that it was just us Americans taking on the hirabist terrorists on the ‘net!  Sooooo glad to see that we are not alone!

Check out I’m Flipping The Raya!  The owners of this site have come up with an ingenious idea – take the Al Qaeda battle flag (aka “The Raya”) and flip it horizontally, which is the internet equivalent of capturing their flag.  There are even instructions on how to “flip the raya” for yourself!

Rock on, Canadians!  Welcome to the fight!  This IS an international fight against Muslim extremism – the more of us who are active in it, the better!

I’m gonna have to keep my eye on these guys.  And before I forget, I found their youtube channel here and their Twitter here.  Dang – ain’t technology grand?

P.S. If you know of any other international (meaning NON-U.S.) websites who are fighting the good fight, please send them my way – I’d love to bookmark them! Thanks!