Coexist with Hamas??Ok – this just caught my eye and I really want to try to look into it further.  My family and I went for a shopping trip to pick up some shampoo and such at our local KMart store.  I was walking down the front aisle toward the checkout when I saw the blankets, pictured here.  It caught my eye for several reasons.

First, the whole “coexist” message is just plain stupid.  Yes, I would like to get along with everyone, but there are people in the world who really want me dead just because I don’t believe what they believe.

Second, did you notice the actual logo for COEXIST in this picture?  I can’t find a larger one (still looking) but from what I can see of it, there is no Jewish or Christian symbol at all.  Odd that.

And last, but oh! so NOT least – look at that color selection.  Does anything about it strike you as…well…strange?  As I am a Crimson Tide fan, my first thought when I see houndstooth is “MAN! I LOVE BEAR BRYANT!”  But somehow I don’t think that’s the message here.  So, who else wears that black and white patterned color beside good ‘ol Alabama boys and girls yelling “ROLL TIDE! KICK SOME AUBURN BUTT THIS YEAR!!!”  Well…lesseee…. maybe…SATAN!?!!  Not quite, but close….

Ok, ok, so he doesn’t wear houndstooth.  So maybe it’s a stretch.  Maybe houndstooth is the new in for fall 2010.  Who knows?  All I know is my brain went there – and I’m wondering if it’s more than a coincidence…  Or maybe I just need to unpack a few of these little accessories!  Ha!


H/T to Lan Astaslem for the following image, linked in comments: