Affidavit viewable at  The Smoking Gun

These are a couple tidbits I found interesting:

Zach’s wife Umm Talhah — you thought that was weird — her real name is Proscovia Nzabanita.  Origin??? Dunno.

Zach owned youtube channel AlQuranWaAlaHadith — I think YouTubeSmackdown took that puppy DOWN!
Neither Zack nor Hag in a Bag are employed – yep – so we were right.  They are doing this Anti-American BS on our dime.  Are you shocked?  I’m not.  Who else has time for this kind of activity than someone who refuses to be a productive member of society.  What a spoiled brat he was.  Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!

There’s more, and I’ll add thoughts as they come to me.