The first is Zachary Chesser, a spoiled rotten kid from Virginia. From what I am hearing on the street, the kid’s parents did everything for him — sent him to the right schools, picked up the tab for his time at George Mason University (not inexpensive – the chart I checked put it at $16,000+ if he lived at home or $21,000 if he lived in the residence halls.) I have written about him ad nauseum. He called for the death — oh wait — warned of the impending death the South Park guys for their depiction of Mohammed. He bragged about how to handle the FBI. By his own admission upon his arrest by the FBI as he was attempting to leave the country to join Shabaab, he isn’t on speaking terms with his parents at this point. He is a traitor to our country and has brought shame to his family. What a waste of youth and vitality.

The second Zachary, though, is everything that is right about our country. SGT Zachary Fisher, 24 years old, gave his life for us. Zachary Fisher chose to give of himself. He leaves behind a wife, a mom, a dad, siblings and friends who loved him deeply and will miss him incredibly.

He touched his community and brought out the best in everyone who surrounded him. Some might say that this is equally tragic. I would too — except for one thing. SGT Zachary Fisher brought honor to his family, his men and his community. He is gone, and he will be greatly missed. That is not a tragedy. That is a beautiful testament to a life well lived. Vaya con Dios, SGT Fisher. Heaven needed a hero.