Nope.  Not even kidding at all.  I am NOT an engineer – I don’t know if the information in the video would really work or not, but that’s beside the point.  This video has been on YouTube since July 13th.  It has been flagged, and yet it remains on YouTube’s servers.  Here are some screencaps:

Obviously I am not posting screencaps of schematics or materials needed.

Now I can understand how videos like these are uploaded to YouTube.  I can even understand how they manage to stay there for a while.  But when someone takes notice and flags the video according to YouTube’s community policing police, alerting YouTube to the fact that it exists in violation of their TOS, you would think that they would be responsive enough to remove it.  I wonder how many explosive devices will be built from these schematics?  How many people killed?  This video has been saved and documented for the authorities.  There is no reason for YouTube to allow this video to remain on it’s server, unless it supports the content.  One can only wonder….

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